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Meet the owner, designer, creator and artist, Nicola.

When I was a small person I was always drawing, painting, sticking together and making.  I remember those times fondly, getting lost for hours in my own world with my wild imagination and love for creative playing.  Nothing much has changed these days, I am still happiest when I am being creative.  Often surprising, sometimes painful in the process and so rewarding seeing the finished piece.

Over the years I have developed and evolved my design skills to reflect the beauty of the natural world.  My work centres around using natural materials with organic forms and contrasting textures. My ethos is to make a simplistic design as aesthetically captivating without fuss or complication, just as I like to live my life.

I enjoy exploring light play with copper wire, semi-precious gem stones, crystals and glass. I use stones that absorb and reflect day light with colour palettes that would be at home in the great outdoors. All of my copper designs use a deep oxidised finish that has been polished to reveal the warm coppery highlights again.  This gives  an added dimension to my 2D designs, playing with metallic depth and textures.

My designs whether for the home, garden or to be worn, are all made as pieces of art, with a wealth of love and passion going into them. I have an eye for unusual detailing and enjoy creating designs that are beautifully unique. My heart belongs to the natural world, which comes across in my designs. My inspiration is drawn from my home on the beautiful Isle of Wight, from the rolling hills to the beaches, rivers and wildlife. With each piece I aim to capture the essence and spirit of the natural world, to bring nature to life through wire art.

As of 2016, I have been teaching in adult education for 12 years. As an experienced college lecturer, instructor and online tutor, I have taken these skills into my craft and jewellery designs creating downloadable tutorials that take beginner and improver level makers through the craft process of my designs. These have proven to be very popular, with many requests coming in for more and more designs.  I  love to hear from my craft and jewellery students who have spent a rainy British afternoon making one of my designs. Creativity is a huge part of my life,  to pass this on to others is more than rewarding.

I hope you enjoy browsing over my designs and website, feel free to contact me directly with any questions or comments.

Studio_Dog_Earth_Balance_CraftMeet our studio dog, post production pooch and general all round dogsbody.

Our newest member of staff, is studio dog. Due to our ever increasing work load, she has been employed to help out. A fearless hound who is ready at a moments notice for product photography shots and photoshop tweaking. We had a few hiccups with her paws and a standard three button computer mouse, now we have made reasonable adjustments to her work station to ensure she has an ergonomic set up.  She is a keen employee, although takes too many sick days in the summer and is a terror for bringing mud into the craft studio.  Her craft and design skills are slightly lacking, anything made from wood gets chewed.  But these are small sacrifices for what is very cheap labour.

Visit this link to view our photographs of woodland, rivers, beaches and countryside, where her design inspiration is found.  Have a browse through her online customers testimonials here.  Her craft, jewellery and creative designs can be found through her website here and on the popular Etsy.

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