Meet our Studio Dog

Paws for Thought!

Meet our studio dog, post production pooch and general all round dogsbody.

Studio_Dog_Earth_Balance_CraftOur newest member of craft and design staff, is studio dog. Due to our ever increasing work load, she has been employed to help out. A fearless hound who is ready at a moments notice for product photography shots and photoshop tweaking.

We had a few hiccups with her paws and a standard three button computer mouse, now we have made reasonable adjustments to her work station to ensure she has an ergonomic set up.

She is a keen employee, although takes too many sick days in the summer and is a terror for bringing mud into the craft studio.  Her craft and design skills are slightly lacking, anything made from wood gets chewed. But these are small sacrifices for what is very cheap labour.

She is part of the in-house team writing regular blog posts and is sure to bring her own humour and writing style to our website. Stay tuned for doggy studio shenanigans.

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