Our artisan portfolio of necklaces, bracelets, pendants and sun catchers, shows you a variety of our sold designs and commission pieces hand-made by Earth Balance Craft. Our designs capture the essence and spirit of the natural world, exploring organic forms with contrasting textures and natural materials.  To view over our current designs, please click the online shop tab above.


Necklace Portfolio

Artisan hand made copper wire work designs for women.

Each design is wrapped with semi-precious gem stones and Czech glass beads.



Bracelet Portfolio

Hand crafted copper wire and sheet craft.

Rustic textured metal with semi-precious gem stones.


Sun Catcher Portfolio

Artisan one of a kind window decorations that play with sunlight.

Copper wire work with semi-precious gem stones and glass.


Home Craft Portfolio

Hand made bookmarks, ornaments, decorations and wall art.

Copper wire and sheet with semi-precious gem stones and glass.




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