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  • Forest Hanging Mobile

    This woodland inspired hanging mobile is inspired by the depths of the forest in late spring, when fresh green leaves fill the air. Handmade with free-from steel wire work and a soft green and translucent palette of semi-precious gemstones and glass. For display as an ornamental wall hanging or a window decoration.



  • Maple Leaf Mobile

    Inspired by the beautiful changing colours of the Japanese maple leaf (Momiji). The maple leaf is steeped in Japanese tradition, with momijigari being a favourite pastime as the leaves begin to turn in autumn. Each leaf in this hanging mobile is made with copper wire, wrapped with carnelian, jade, agate and Czech glass beads. The top of the mobile is a tree branch that gives a warm and tactile feel. Each hanging line has a swivel barrel at the top which means the leafy droplets can rotate around 360 degrees with gentle movement.


  • Geometric Dew Drops Mobile

    A rustic geometric mobile with circular patina copper wire work droplets that are wrapped with watery dew drop gemstones; rainbow fluorite, labradorite, moonstone, prehnite and quartz.  This window decoration is inspired by a walk through the forest on a misty morning when dew drops have formed on tree branches, like sparkling lights as the sun begins to rise.  All of our mobiles and suncatchers come to life in the sunshine, with bright flashes of rainbow coloured light.



  • Moon Phases Hanging Mobile

    This beautiful celestial hanging decoration features the nine phases of the moon, from waxing to full moon to waning. The first circle starts as a waxing moon where the crescent shape gets larger in the sky, moving from a new moon towards the full moon. Once the full moon has been reached in the middle of the design, the crescent shapes start to get smaller, moving towards the new moon. The moon is worshipped in many traditions, and has many deities, gods and goddesses that are associated with it. This design can be hung flat against a wall as art, or from the ceiling as a hanging mobile.