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  • Leafy Vine Love Heart

    A rustic patina copper wire hanging heart decoration with delicate twining leaves.  This pretty wall art piece is suitable for hanging in both the home and garden.  Inspired by the natural beauty in forests and woodland, where nature creates organic shapes and delicate forms.  All wrapped up in a swirly love heart shaped frame.



  • Sea Shore Heart Suncatcher

    This pretty window decoration has three heart shaped ornaments made from copper, agate, amazonite, sodalite, fluorite and glass beads. This piece was inspired by the watery colours of ocean waves and the gently lapping of the sea against the shore. With flashes of turquoise, deep blues and glistening translucence.



  • Summer Blush Love Heart

    A copper shaped love heart decoration adorned with a rich and vibrant red colour palette.  This piece is inspired by the colours in nature at the height of summer, just before the harvest when berries are ripening and flowers are in full bloom.



  • Earthy Love Heart Suncatcher

    This earthy woodland window decoration has three heart shaped hanging ornaments made from copper wire wrapped with warm and grounding gemstone and glass beads. The design is inspired by the depths of the forest, walking amongst the earthy woodland and forest colours, with a muted and harmonious colour palette of browns and black with hints of red and copper.



  • Hazy Sunshine Love Heart

    A pretty copper wire heart hanging decoration adorned with a summery mix of yellow and hazy soft brown agate, citrine, quartz and glass beads.




  • Autumn Bliss Love Heart

    A vibrant orange wire heart suncatcher wrapped with agate, carnelian, aventurine and Czech glass beads. Inspired by the changing colours of autumn leaves, turning to rich colours of crimsons, gold and flashes of orange.



  • Bluebell Suncatcher

    This medium sized blue heart is adorned with a colour palette of semi-precious gemstone and Czech glass beads, from aqua through to cobalt and cornflower blues.