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  • Little Leaves Earrings

    Delicate polished copper earrings with dangling copper leaves each with a watery yellow citrine gemstone.  Inspired by our love of woodland and forest, hearing the rustle of wind through summer trees like a gentle melody. This design is both contemporary and Bohemian in style. The tiny copper leaves have each been hand cut, filed, polished, darkened with patina and hand painted with a gloss varnish. Phew!  This pair of earrings are part of a set with our ‘Little Leaves Necklace‘.



  • Grunge Copper Bookmark

    A distressed copper sheet bookmark with a chunky natural leather thong drop. The dappled copper textures catch and reflect coppery metallic tones. Each design is hand-cut, filed, texture hammered, weathered and scuffed with a patina finish and polished. Phew!  Inspired by the depths of woodland and forests, with wise old trees that have gnarled branches and cracked tree bark. This weathered industrial style makes a great gift idea for men.



  • Flower Stamen Necklace

    An abstract necklace design inspired by summertime flowers, when stamen are heaving with pollen ready for the honey bees to gather.  With polished patina copper wire detailing, a pretty flower copper chain and warm orange and red tones in the pollen droplets of agate, aventurine and glass beads. We love the whimsical nature of this wire work necklace design, set on a gentle curve that frames the décolletage.


  • Mini Botanical Oak Leaf Mobile

    A rustic falling oak leaves and acorn mini mobile with autumnal red and brown highlights. The copper wire outlines are wrapped with agate and carnelian semi-precious gem stones and glass beads. This botanical decoration is a contemporary nod to the ancient oak tree, rich in tradition and tree lore, a British tree that endures for hundreds even thousands of years with grace and calm.  Inspired by the warmth of falling oak leaves in autumn, this window decoration has two oak tree leaves and one acorn that hang delicately from the weathered copper bar.  Each part of the design has been shaped, lightly hammered, darkened with a patina finish, polished and set with a varnish (phew!).

    This design is available in a larger version with our Botanical Oak Leaf Mobile.



  • Dewy Leaf Pendant

    A delicate copper wire leaf design with dreamy moonstone, watery pastel green quartz, rainbow fluorite and labradorite semi-precious gemstones, set on a fine brass chain.  The feature lays asymmetrically across the neckline.  Inspired by the beauty found in tree leaves, this piece picks out the tones of a leaf caught in a stream, with gentle droplets of dew from the early morning mist. We love the dew drop watery essence of this wire necklace design, capturing the essence of the natural world in women’s jewellery. This design is part of a set with our ‘Dewy Leaf Earrings‘.

  • Starry Night Mobile

    A delicate artisan hanging mobile that features twinkling stars made from lightly hammered and weathered copper wire wrapped with crackled glass beads. The top copper bar has been hand cut and filed, with a gentle hammered finish with dappled coppery textures and highlights.  Inspired by the beauty of the sky at night, when away from the towns and cities you look up and the sky is filled with sparkling stars.  This sun catcher can be hung in the home as a nod to festive tradition or in a children’s bedroom to twinkle all day as the sun shines.



  • Little Stars Hanging Decoration

    A rustic weathered five pointed star hanging decoration made with oxidised copper wire, frosted glass and sparkling crackle glass beads.  The design features two wire stars set with translucent beads.  Representing the five elements of the wise, this pentagram star suncatcher loves sunny windows and pretty gardens.

  • Morning Dew Suncatcher

    A pretty copper wire butterfly suncatcher wrapped with blue lace agate and glass beads. Inspired by an early morning summer’s day when dew drops delicately hang on garden leaves, where pretty butterflies dance around as the sun gently rises with the promise of a warm day ahead.  Whether for hanging in the home as a beautiful window decoration or hung outside in the garden for year round sparkles of colour and light play, this artisan sun catcher will make a beautiful addition to your home.


  • Summer Rain Bookmark

    A weathered copper book mark with a pretty droplet of watery agate in blues and greens, on a copper sheet that has been lightly hammered, scuffed and aged with a summer rainfall pattern. At the height of summer, the pitter patter of light rain is a welcome sight, cooling and refreshing the air.  Hand-crafted metal stationery for book lovers everywhere that capture the essence of the natural world.

  • Cherry Blossom Suncatcher

    This suncatcher features cherry blossom flowers and petals adorned with pretty pink gemstone and glass beads. The crescent shape creates a wreath of pretty flower petals that would look beautiful with sunny sparkles hanging in a lounge window. The design is inspired by the height of spring when the air is filled with nature’s confetti as the wind blows tree blossom to the floor.  An artisan creation, designed to become an heirloom piece that will last for years to come.


  • Spirit of the Wind Necklace

    A delicate copper scroll necklace design with moonstone, garnet and aventurine beads on a fine copper chain. Inspired by the wind, nature’s invisible rhythm that scatters fallen leaves across the woodland floor. This hand-crafted necklace features misty greens, mottled white and deep red set against the warm patina copper.

    This necklace is available as variation ‘White Goddess Necklace’, visit this link to view.

  • Hazy Summer Day Necklace

    A statement copper wire necklace warpped with Chinese Jade stone, amazonite and tourmaline beads. Featuring contrasting colours of watery soft greens and pale blues set against striking deep ruby reds. The style is reminiscent of a hazy summers day symbolising the height of summer, the summer solstice / Litha. This design means a lot personally to me as I challenged myself to re-make one of my very first copper wire necklaces from many many moons ago. I’ve always had nostalgic feelings about the first design, from how much I loved making it and what the sentiment of the the piece meant to me. Inspired by summer afternoons in my nana’s garden when the warm air is filled with softly floating dander and mellow light, the garden heaving with ripe berries among the light green leaves, these are my most treasured memories.