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Fallen Raindrop Pendant


This tiny gemstone pendant features a shimmery grey moonstone bead. A minimalist micro design where the copper wire work captures a falling raindrop, to hold close to your heart.

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Variation: Each piece is hand-crafted individually and will vary slightly in appearance. When ordering you will receive a replica of the original design using the same colour palette. Slight differences in the design and beading will occur due to the hand-made nature of copper metalwork.

Semi-Precious Gemstone: 10mm x 14mm oval grey moonstone.

Colour: Grey and blue. Please note the reflective shimmer varies from bead to bead, and changes as the bead is viewed from different angles.  The gallery shows a number of versions of the design from different angles to give the most true to life image.

Wire Wrapped Droplet: Solid copper wire with a patina finish polished to reveal the warm coppery tones beneath. The copper has been varnished with a brush by hand with a clear and tough gloss finish that is safe to wear against the skin.

Chain Length: 45.7cm / 18 inches.

Chain: Rose gold plated sterling silver fine trace chain. Stamped 925.

Chain Material: Any metal alloy is nickel and lead free under the EU nickel directive REACH.