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Flower Stamen Necklace

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An abstract necklace design inspired by summertime flowers, when stamen are heaving with pollen ready for the honey bees to gather.  With polished patina copper wire detailing, a pretty flower copper chain and warm orange and red tones in the pollen droplets of agate, aventurine and glass beads. We love the whimsical nature of this wire work necklace design, set on a gentle curve that frames the décolletage.



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Beads: Agate, aventurine and Czech glass beads.

Metal: Solid copper wire with a patina finish polished to reveal the warm coppery tones beneath. The copper has been brushed by hand with a gloss varnish that is safe to wear against the skin.

Chain/Clasp: Antique copper plated (any metal alloy is nickel and lead free).

Style: Princess length necklace

Feature Width: 6cm / 2.3 inches.

Length: 41cm / 16.1 inches (plus 5cm / 2 inches extension chain).

Aventurine a stone that is known for aiding prosperity, wealth, finances and good luck, a stone of opportunity. It also helps aid conflict, anger and arguments. It relates to the heart and thymus gland, from circulation to cardiac issues.

Agate is a translucent microcrystalline quartz and is related to balancing yin yang in the body, protection, strength, courage, calmness and healing. Agate also helps the eyes, uterus and stomach, pancreas and cleanses the lymph system.

N.B. This necklace is a delicate design, the copper wire has been work hardened, however please do not sleep in this necklace, nor sit on it as it will get squashed.