Hanging Mobiles

Forest Hanging Mobile

This woodland inspired hanging mobile is inspired by the depths of the forest in late spring, when fresh green leaves fill the air. Handmade with free-from steel wire work and a soft green and translucent palette of semi-precious gemstones and glass.





Beads: Agate,aventurine and Czech glass.

Metal Droplets: Galvanised steel.

Wood: Fallen wood has been sanded and finished with a natural colour oil.

Branch Width:  Approx 40cm / 15.7 inches.

Hanging: Looped metal flex wire, aligned slightly to the right to balance the tree branch weight.

Measurement: Longest hanging length approx 49cm / 19.2 inches.

Measurement: From the top of the branch to the top of the hanging loop approx 18cm / 7 inches.

Total Height: Approx 69cm / 27.1 inches.

Usage: For display as an ornamental wall hanging or a window decoration. Please note this mobile is only suitable for hanging in your home, due to the delicate nature of the droplets it is not suitable for garden / exterior use. When using as a baby mobile or in a child’s room, please remember that this product is not a toy or suitable for handling by babies/children. Please ensure the mobile is hung from the ceiling or high on the wall out of reach.