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Leafy Coppice Ornament


This pretty woodland wall hanging features a minimal wire work tree design dotted with green and clear gemstone and Czech glass beads. The trees are rooted onto a piece of Isle of Wight driftwood.



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Beads: Agate, aventurine and Czech glass.

Wood: Isle of Wight driftwood has been sanded and finished with a natural colour oil.

Metal: Galvanised steel wire.

Hanging Loop: Please note the placement is deliberately off centre to allow the piece to hang correctly.

Width: 21.5cm / 8.4 inches.

Feature Height: 20.3cm / 7.9 inches.

Total Height: 26cm / 10.2 inches.

Agate is a translucent microcrystalline quartz and is related to balancing yin yang in the body, protection, strength, courage, calmness and healing. Agate also helps the eyes, uterus and stomach, pancreas and cleanses the lymph system.

Aventurine a stone that is known for aiding prosperity, wealth, finances and good luck, a stone of opportunity. It also helps aid conflict, anger and arguments. It relates to the heart and thymus gland, from circulation to cardiac issues.