Plant Pot Decor

Ocean Waves Pot Ornament

This plant pot ornament is inspired by the deep blue sea, with rolling waves and aqua sea-green colours. Celebrating my love of the ocean and the coast line on the Isle of Wight, this design is hand-made with copper wire work and watery semi-precious gemstone beads.




Variation: Each piece is hand-crafted individually and will vary slightly in appearance. When ordering you will receive a replica of the original design using the same colour palette. Slight differences in the design and beading will occur due to the hand-made nature of copper metalwork. The photographs in the gallery show a number of versions of the design on multiple backgrounds to give the most true to life image.

Semi-Precious Gemstones: Amazonite, agate, jade, fluorite.

Feature: Solid copper wire with a patina finish polished to reveal the warm coppery tones beneath. The copper has been given two coats of gloss varnish.

Rod: Brass.

Total Height Approx: 38cm / 14.9 inches.

Diameter Approx: 8.5cm / 3.3 inches.

Usage Instructions: Please plunge the brass rod at least 18cm into the soil to be stable, the design is suited to larger plant pots.

Suited to: Indoor and garden plant pots. Please note that when placed outside in the garden the varnish will degrade over time and the piece will form a dark patina and may rust. It can be restored again by polishing with a jewellers polishing cloth and re-sealing with a copper metal liquid varnish. In winter and bad weather such as temperatures below 5 degrees, gales and torrential rain, please bring the ornament inside for safe keeping, or relocate to a sheltered spot.