Sea Spray Bracelet


A rustic copper wire work bracelet with fluorite and labradorite beads. Inspired by the watery colours of the ocean, my love of the sea forever endures. This bracelet features muted hues of the sea with blues and greens that catch the light. A unique beaded bracelet design for women who wear a natural oceanic style of jewellery.



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Variation: Each piece is hand-crafted individually and will vary slightly in appearance. When ordering you will receive a replica of the design shown. Slight differences will occur due to the hand-made nature of copper metalwork. The photographs in the gallery show a number of versions of the design on multiple backgrounds to give the most true to life image.

Semi-precious gemstones: Labradorite and rainbow fluorite.

Metal: Solid copper wire with a patina finish polished to reveal the warm coppery tones beneath. The copper has been varnished with a brush by hand with a clear and tough gloss finish that is safe to wear against the skin.

Findings: Antique copper lobster clasp (any metal alloy is nickel and lead free under the EU nickel directive REACH).

Design: This bracelet is designed for those who find bangles too loose. Some people have a wide knuckle area across the hand and a slim wrist. This means that when wearing a bangle, to fit over the broad part of the knuckles/hand the bangle then dangles too loosely around the wrist. This is me by the way. This design is a half way house, it is part bangle and part bracelet. The opening is approx 1.5 inches that your wrist can easily slide through, then held together with a link chain and secure clasp with three dangling gemstone droplets.

Our women’s sizes:

Women Inner Diameter (cm) Inner Diameter (inches) Inner Circumference (cm) Inner Circumference (inches)
Extra Small 5.41 2.13 17 6.7
Small 6.06 2.38 19 7.5
Medium 6.71 2.64 21 8.3
Large 7.27 2.86 23 9


What size for your wrist? Find a cuff or bangle that fits you well and measure the inside circumference. Read over this page for your guide to measuring your bracelet sizes.

Fluorite is a crystal that helps to remove and store negative energy. It also helps to cleanse and clear the aura. It is known to aid focus, clarity, concentration and in making decisions. In the physical body is can help the DNA cells to regenerate, also a boost for the immune system, helping strengthen bones and for spinal health.

Labradorite is a beautiful stone that has reflective qualities, known as a mystical and psychic stone that helps you transform and strengthen. A strong stone to use to protect from negative energy. Seen to help bring co-incidence and synchronicity in life. In the physical body it can help de-stress, level hormones and help PMT.

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