Tree Bark Copper Cuff S-M

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LAST STOCK – Size Small to Medium.

A polished patina copper cuff bracelet that has been lightly hammered and textured creating dappled metallic colours and highlights. This hand-crafted Bohemian styled cuff has a chunky rustic feel, is tactile and warm in design and is inspired by the beauty found in natural tree bark.



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Variation: Each piece is crafted individually using the same colour palette and will vary slightly in appearance from the photographs shown.

Metal: Solid copper metal with a patina finish polished to reveal the warm coppery tones beneath. Sealed with a semi-permanent hard wax to slow down the natural patina process, this piece can be buffed with a jewellers cloth to restore the shine.

Size Available


Size Inner Circumference (cm) Inner Circumference (inches) Diameter (cm) Diameter (inches)
Small – Medium 19 7.5 6 2.3


Cuff Width: 1 inch / 2.54cm.

Opening: Approx 1 inch / 2.54cm (our copper cuff bracelets can be opened or closed approximately a half size to get a good size fit).

What size for your wrist? A cuff should have an opening just big enough to slide through the thinnest part of the wrist. Find a cuff or bangle that fits you well and measure the inside circumference.  For more details on bracelet sizing please visit this link.

Raw copper is known for its’ ancient healing properties, the mineral can be absorbed into the skin when worn as jewellery, and is associated with relief of symptoms of arthritis and poor circulation. In the metaphysical world copper is said to aid energy flow, amplifies physic abilities and helps with communicating with other dimensions. Seen as a grounding metal, the vibrational frequencies can move between the spirit and physical realms. Copper is a soft and malleable metal that allows the piece to be adjusted for a perfect fit.

This bracelet is treated with a varnish or lacquer, this may reduce down the associated medical benefits.

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