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  • Triple Demoiselle Dragonfly Suncatcher

    A decorative copper wire dragonfly hanging mobile featuring three of a rather special British species, the 'Beautiful Demoiselle'. Each river darter is adorned  with agate, aventurine, quartz and glass beads. This distinct dragonfly species has striking metallic blue and green coloured wings.  This long-line design is suitable for hanging in a tall window to catch the suns' rays and gently sway with movement, bringing all round sparkles of colour to your home interior.



  • Triple Sunburst Suncatcher

    This bright orange beaded window decoration has three heart shaped droplets made from copper wire wrapped with semi-precious gemstones and Czech glass. Whether used as decorative piece of wall art or as hanging mobile for summer gardens, these sparkling designs offer year round colour and light play. They make the perfect gift idea to say I love you, thank you, to celebrate the wedding couple or a birthday present for your big sister.



  • Twining Vine Love Heart

    A polished patina copper wire heart shaped ornament with delicate twining vines, that hangs gently lop sided.  This pretty metal hanging decoration is suitable for hanging in both the home and garden.  This design was inspired by the beauty found in the depths of Sussex woodland, we love the deep coppery tones and highlights.  Our range of decorative hanging ornaments make the perfect gift.



  • Whispering Meadow Art Print

    This photographic art poster captures the sound of wind amongst meadow grass as it whispers towards the sky.  In a summer wind storm the meadow grass is blown around scattering grass seeds around for miles.  The colour palette features soft pale pinks and creams, full of romantic dreams and promise.  Our range of nature inspired art posters bring serenity to your home interior,  calming and peaceful all year round.

  • Whispy Catkin Earrings

    Delicate weathered and polished copper earrings with three dangly droplets that hang with free movement.  It's difficult to capture the changing shapes of this design with still photograph, as you move your body and head, they come to life as they sway gently. This rustic metallic style is inspired by spring time tree blossom, when the alder tree is in full bloom with golden catkins.



  • White Feather Decoration

    Inspired by the graceful swan, this pretty white tail feather is adorned with agate and Czech glass beads. This hanging decoration is inspired by the beauty of the swan, a familiar sight at our lakes and rivers.  This translucent suncatcher may be hung on your wall, in your window or out in the garden for year round sparkles.  Each of our feather designs outlines the pretty contours with minimal copper wire-work that brings nature to life.



  • White Goddess Earrings

    Delicate polished copper earrings with a minimal frame design, wrapped with opalescent glass beads. This design gives a nod to winter in the pagan and wiccan traditions, with icy white colours contrasting with the warm coppery tones and highlights. We love the gentle watery essence of this design, capturing the beauty of the natural world in the stillness of winter when snow lay on the ground.



  • White Spring Blossom Art Print

    This photographic art print captures the delicate beauty of white spring tree blossom in Sussex woodland, just before the petals begin to fall and drift away in the wind like nature’s confetti. With a dreamy palette of soft blues, ice whites and muted earthy tones, we love the vibrant nature of this cherry blossom photograph.  Our range of nature inspired art posters bring year round colour to your home interior with a sense of spring time hope of lighter and warmer days to come.

  • Wild Rose Love Heart

    A patina copper wire hanging heart ornament with agate, moonstone, fluorite, garnet semi-precious gem stones and glass beads. This pretty decoration is suitable for both the home and garden. The design was inspired by a deep magenta and dusky pink colour palette, with a nod towards the British wild rose, a twining shrub with delicate shades of muted pink petals.



  • Wild Rose Suncatcher

    A delicate feminine suncatcher design with three heart shaped hanging droplets made with copper, deep red garnet, moonstone, fluorite, agate semi-precious gemstones and dusky pink cherry glass beads. Whether for hanging in your lounge window for some lovely sparkly highlights or out in the garden for year round colour, this metal hanging heart design is rather sweet!  Give as a gift to a dear friend, sister, daughter or for mother’s day.  Pink, red and girly!



  • Wild Wood Love Heart

    A copper hanging heart decoration with an earthy colour palette of agate, jasper, obsidian, tigers-eye and quartz semi-precious gemstone beads. This pretty love heart can be hung in the home or out in the garden. Inspired by the beauty found in the depths of forest woodland, with rustic textures, a grounding and nurturing feel with warming browns, mottled greens and grounding tones.



  • Wildflower Art Print

    This nature inspired photographic print features a pretty summer-time wild meadow, found in a quiet and tranquil dell in the heart of rural Sussex. Look closely to see a honey bee enjoying an afternoon pollen feast.  Our range of photographic art posters capture the simplistic beauty of the natural world.