The Making of the Moon Gaze Pendant


Hand Crafted Pendant Design

Sharing with you the latest making of photographs of the ‘Moon Gaze Pendant’.  A long-line styled necklace sitting as ‘Opera’ length on the necklace with a total length of 28″ or 71cm.

Starting off first with two of the components; the eucalyptus wood and the fairyland agate pendant.


Next up the solid copper wire work, at 1.5mm gauge, wrapped around the wood and stone.


Next up, the delicate wire beading work, threading on 4mm Indian agate beads to the top line and 6mm orange brown Botswana agate beads to the base line of the copper wire.  After the beading the whole pendant was dipped in a liver of sulphur solution, nice and hot to get a dark patina finish. The photograph below shows a mat black finish.


Lastly the patina finish is polished to reveal the warm coppery tones beneath and then all of the wire-work is set with wax.  This adds beautiful depth to the warm copper and really brings the design alive.  Finished off with a solid patina copper necklace chain, the finished product is below.


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