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  • Moongazey Hare Pendant

    This tiny pendant is a collaboration of British artists. The design is handmade with delicate copper wire work, capturing the movement of a leaping hare.

    Artwork by Tracey of Moongazey Art.
    Wire work by Nicola of Earth Balance Craft.


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  • Handmade Dragonfly Necklace

    Dragonfly Pendant

    This artisan women’s jewellery design features a tiny blue dragonfly. Adorned with copper wire, gemstones and glass beads. Inspired by forest lore and elven legend, for all faeries and forest dwellers out there.


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  • Bramble Hessonite Garnet Pendant

    Bramble Pendant

    This tiny hand-made copper pendant features a delicately wire wrapped hessonite garnet stone set on a dainty rose gold chain. The minimal micro scale design is inspired by late summer when the hedgerows are filled with ripening brambles and berries.



  • Storm Cloud Pendant

    Storm Cloud Pendant

    This spiral pendant is hand-made with oxidised copper wire work and a labradorite gemstone. Inspired by my ever lasting love of the British weather, the looming sight of stormy grey rain clouds that frequently grace our shores.


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  • Spirit of the Wind Pendant

    Spirit of the Wind Pendant

    An artisan hand-made women’s pendant featuring polished copper wire work and embellished with a clear quartz semi-precious gemstone bead. The design takes inspiration from the wind element, natures invisible rhythm that stirs and awakens.


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  • Peacock Earrings

    Peacock Earrings

    A handcrafted pair of peacock feather inspired women’s earrings, adorned with peridot and quartz semi-precious gemstone beads. Capturing the beauty of the eye of the male peacock feather. With a zesty lime green and aqua blue colour palette.



  • Morning Dew Earrings 3

    Morning Dew Earrings

    This pair of mis-matched earrings combine hand forged metalwork and wirework copper with a single jade gemstone dewdrop. Inspired by morning dewdrops that gather on summer grass.



  • Amethyst Medium Copper Bangle

    Purple Thistle Bangle

    An artisan contemporary metal bangle featuring a large purple amethyst pebble semi-precious gemstone bead. The copper wire has a rustic patina finish which contrasts with the beautiful purple gem.



  • Oceanides Medium Copper Bangle

    Oceanides Bangle

    A modern women’s bangle design with rustic copper metal and a vibrant fluorite pebble semi-precious gemstone. An ode to the Oceanides, the salt water nymphs and minor goddesses of the sea. The daughters of Oceanus in ancient mythology.


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  • Seafoam Copper Bangle

    Seafoam Bangle

    A modern women’s bangle design featuring a large pale green chalcedony semi-precious gemstone bead. With a seafoam aqua colour palette contrasting against the rustic patina metal bangle. For those who dream of living by the sea.


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