Find Your Birthstone

The month you are born in relates to a semi-precious or precious gemstone. When work as jewellery these birthstones are seen as holding luck and good fortune. Each gemstone also holds properties and characteristics that are associated with it. Read over the British birthstone list below to find your birth month and related birth stone.

Month Birthstone Traditional Colour Birthstone Other Colour
January Garnet Deep Red Rose Quartz Pale Pink
February Amethyst Purple
March Aquamarine Pale Blue Bloodstone Dark Green & Red
April Diamond White Rock Crystal Clear
May Emerald Green Chrysoprase Green
June Pearl White Moonstone / Alexandrite White / Purple
July Ruby Red Carnelian / Onyx Red / Black
August Peridot Pale Green Sardonyx / Jade Red and White / Green
September Sapphire Indigo Lapis Lazuli / Agate Deep Blue / Multi Coloured
October Opal Multi Coloured Tourmaline Multi Coloured
November Topaz Yellow Citrine Yellow
December Turquoise Blue