Love Hearts for the Home

Love Hearts for the Home

The heart shape is one of the most well known symbols globally

The origins of the love heart symbol are a little unclear, with many associations from different eras from the ancient Egyptians to the modern day.  Here at Earth Balance Craft we make a range of love heart hanging decorations for the home and garden.   These delicate heart shapes can be used as wall art, sun catchers and garden accessories, whether hanging in your lounge window or out in the garden, they make the perfect handmade gift idea.

When backlit by sunlight, these love hearts come alive with beautiful colours across the whole colour palette.  The hearts are made using solid copper wire, semi-precious gem stones and glass, which are then given a patina bath to darken the raw copper.  The next step is to use a special metal polishing cloth to reveal some of the bright copper highlights again, and finally the finished piece is set with a lovely glossy varnish.  Read over the patina copper process in detail in our 'the story of copper' blog post.


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