Wildlife Suncatcher WIPs

Wildlife Suncatcher

Wildlife Suncatcher WIPs

One of the largest most intricate pieces I have made to date is this wildlife suncatcher.  Hand-made using only copper wire wrapping, adorned with semi-precious gemstones and Czech glass beads.  A labour of love went into the design and making of this piece, featuring three clouded yellow butterflies, an azure dragonfly and pretty leaves. I chose a muted yellow and light green colour palette, that is punctuated by the vibrant blues in the dragonfly. I chose to make each aspect of the design individually, to give me some flexibility in the final design composition. Once each piece was wired into the main frame, the design was finished with a deep black patina and given a good polish to reveal the copper metallic highlights once again. With lashings of metal varnish to complete the design all ready to find its forever home.

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Wildlife Suncatcher WIP

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