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    Flower Stamen Necklace

    An abstract necklace design inspired by summertime flowers, when stamen are heaving with pollen ready for the honey bees to gather.  With polished patina copper wire detailing, a pretty flower copper chain and warm orange and red tones in the pollen droplets of agate, aventurine and glass beads. We love the whimsical nature of this wire work necklace design, set on a gentle curve that frames the décolletage.



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    Koi Carp Wire Sculpture

    A polished and weathered copper wire Koi carp fish outlining the graceful curves of the butterfly koi. This wire wrapped design combines both 2D and 3D elements, creating an intricate modern ornament/sculpture for the home. A bespoke artisan ornament, lovingly crafted by hand.  View over the making of here.



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    Little Stars Hanging Decoration

    A rustic weathered five pointed star hanging decoration made with oxidised copper wire, frosted glass and sparkling crackle glass beads.  The design features two wire stars set with translucent beads.  Representing the five elements of the wise, this pentagram star suncatcher loves sunny windows and pretty gardens.



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    Penguin Wire Sculpture

    A polished patina copper wire frame penguin ornament outlining the plump contours of everyone's favourite non flying bird. This free standing ornament is a modern and contemporary sculpture using wire as a cage to provide the classical bird shapes and interest. A bespoke artisan ornament lovingly crafted by hand.

    View over the making of here…..



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    Rosy Moth Suncatcher

    A pretty copper wire moth suncatcher with agate and quartz stones.  Featuring a soft colour palette of soft and watery leafy greens with warm pink tones in the wings. Inspired by the British ‘Rosy Footman’ moth (Miltochrista miniata), typically found across broad-leaved woodland, heathland and mature hedgerows in the height of summer. This moth’s pinky/orange wings are of visual interest with striking black linear markings. Whether for hanging in the home as a beautiful window decoration or hung outside in the garden for year round sparkles of colour and light play, this artisan suncatcher will make a beautiful addition to your home.



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    Spirit of the Wind Necklace

    A delicate copper scroll necklace design with moonstone, garnet and aventurine beads on a fine copper chain. Inspired by the wind, nature's invisible rhythm that scatters fallen leaves across the woodland floor. This hand-crafted necklace features misty greens, mottled white and deep red set against the warm patina copper.



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    Swirling Mist Bracelet M-L

    A hand-made oval shaped copper bracelet wrapped with oval garnet and moonstone beads, finished with a copper toggle clasp.  This delicate wire bracelet is inspired by nature, with a swirling mist over hedgerow shrubs heaving with ripe berries.  The deep shades of red garnet contrast with the watery moonstone beads and dappled coppery tones.  The copper has been oxidised to darken and polished to reveal the metallic highlights again.


    End of season size M-L available only.


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    Tree Bark Copper Cuff S-M

    LAST STOCK – Size Small to Medium.

    A polished patina copper cuff bracelet that has been lightly hammered and textured creating dappled metallic colours and highlights. This hand-crafted Bohemian styled cuff has a chunky rustic feel, is tactile and warm in design and is inspired by the beauty found in natural tree bark.



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    Wonky Sunshine Suncatcher


    This piece is ‘seconds quality’ as one of the large beads has a slither chipped off. Shown in the second photograph. Price reduced.

    A rustic copper love heart sun catcher with agate, Czech glass and quartz beads.  Hang in your window to see warm flashes of dancing sunshine or outside in the garden to give year round crystal sparkles and sunshine. Inspired by the rays of the sun that stream through the forest bathing the woodland floor with warmth and light. The colour palette is soft browns and pale yellows, mellow and relaxed.  This pretty garden ornament makes the perfect gift for a keen gardener.



    £35.00 £29.00