Bluebell Flower WIPs

Celebrating spring time bloom, I am in the process of making a bluebell hanging mobile, which will feature a variety of bluebell wild flowers in a cascading design.  View over my timelapse video below of making one of the flowers using two lengths of raw copper wire. Watch 18 minutes become 1 minute 20 seconds, […]


Brown Owl Feather WIPs

Inspired by my Feathery Friends Here’s a look into my copper wire work process making an 8 inch tall feather….  From the initial concept sketches, through the layers of wire construction to the finished beaded piece.  The semi-precious gemstone beads are a variety of agate stones with a brown through black colour palette.  The wire […]


Rivers Edge Dragonfly Suncatcher WIPS

Bringing Nature to Life with Wire Art Imagine a warm summers day, walking by a river and the sight of dragonflies and river darters buzzing around the water. This artisan suncatcher features a rich and vibrant red and orange dragonfly, framed with translucent swirls of the water. The oxidised copper wire is wrapped with carnelian, […]


Meet the Artist Ruth Makes Jewellery

“My name is Ruth Sutcliffe. I live with my partner Jeremy (Jez) Coates and our cat Rusty in our ancient cottage (circa 1672) in the hills of West Yorkshire. After an employed working life of 36 years in administration for Yorkshire Water, and feeling totally disillusioned with the corporate world, I took the decision to […]


Love is in the Air

The Love Tree “I see a huge climbing tree with love inscribed on wood, carved initials in a heart where true love surely stood. A couple sat beneath the tree despite the rainy weather, hugs and kisses, holding hands, spending time together. The sweethearts adorned the tree with a promise that is true, proof that […]


Rainy Days Suncatcher in Motion

Celebrating the British weather [jwplayer mediaid=”12524″]  Here’s my Rainy Days suncatcher in motion, with 7 droplets that have two kinetic parts. And they do love a good twinkle! Hand-made with a copper wire work cloud frame, hammered copper paddles and wrapped with opalite and Czech glass beads.  It’s a majestic 9.5 inches high and loves […]


Creative Meditation

Exploring mindfulness through creativity I’ve been teaching meditation in a number of ways since 2010, from the mindful movements of Tai Chi and Qigong, to the stillness practice of sitting meditation.  I see no difference in any of these methods to when I am being creative in my studio. To express my creativity through my […]

Celebrating the Book Flood

The Book Flood! On Christmas eve, I celebrate the beloved tradition of exchanging books, borrowed from the Icelandic festivity known as ‘jólabókaflóð’ or ‘The Christmas Book Flood’. Here’s this years hoard in my house, a collection of new and used literary finds that all ready for a day of relaxing on the sofa. Enjoy! Read […]

Closed for the Holidays

The holidays are here! My order book has finally been closed for the last time. I have just posted out the last of the packages to across the globe and my online stores have now been closed up. Wishing you all the very best for the festivities and I will see you in the new […]


Winter Solstice Blessings

Celebrating the shortest day with a yuletide poem to warm the heart. “I heard a bird sing In the dark of December A magical thing And sweet to remember. ‘We are nearer to Spring Than we were in September,’ I heard a bird sing In the dark of December.” By Oliver Herford, I Heard a […]


Riverside Butterfly Suncatcher WIPS

Artisan Copper Wire Work Suncatcher Sharing with you my latest wire-wrapping project, this artisan window decoration featuring a riverside butterfly with beautiful curves set inside a square frame. Hand-made with oxidised copper, agate, quartz, carnelian and crystal chip beads.  I love bringing nature to life through my wire art, and this one was no exception. […]

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