Copper After Care Guide

Product TLC
Please take care of your product, each piece has been hand-made with simple construction using natural materials that have as little plastic and chemicals as possible. The varnish is durable, scratch, abrasion and corrosion resistant, however please avoid contact with water, oil based products, solvents, hairspray, alcohol or perfume. it will stand up to normal everyday use as the soft copper metal has been work-hardened, however if you handle it roughly, it will get squashed. Thank you!

Copper Jewellery
All of my copper jewellery designs (necklaces, pendants, bracelets, earrings) are hand-painted with a gloss varnish that is safe to wear on the skin (Protecta-Clear), in fact twice just to make sure. Each necklace can be gently adjusted to fit the wearer’s décolletage, the copper wire can be rounded slightly using soft even pressure. This should be done once as too much back/forth with the copper will weaken the piece.

Even with a varnish coating, copper jewellery can cause your skin to discolour with a green or blue colour. This is a natural harmless reaction called ‘oxidisdation’ when oxygen and your body’s natural oils combine to create a layer of copper carbonate on top of your skin. Most likely found when wearing rings and bracelets that fit snugly against your body causing you to sweat between the copper and skin. This is not a copper allergy, as it is rare to be allergic to copper due to its anti-microbial properties. A tip to avoid the discolouration is to keep your jewellery piece clean and to remove the piece when asleep.

The double varnish layer I apply reduces down the likelihood of this reaction. Any coating used for copper metal is only semi-permanent and will degrade over time. With regular perfume or solvent use e.g. hairspray, whilst wearing my jewellery designs, this will degrade the varnish which will cause the piece to begin the natural darkening process (patina). A jewellers polishing cloth can be used to restore the shine.

Hand Stamped Copper Bookmarks
A variety of my designs use the traditional method of hand-stamping onto copper sheet, often seen in my bookmarks and decorations. Each letter is hand-stamped with a wonky rustic appearance, to be imperfect and whimsical. There will be differences in each creation with the text alignment, spacing and position. It is also important to note that hand stamping onto copper sheet causes the rear side to buckle slightly from the metal being ‘chased’ on the front side, without any copper being removed. The indentation on the front is darkened to ‘pop’ the lettering and numbers. As with all of my designs, the copper sheet is sealed with a gloss varnish to retain the highlights.

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