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  • Koi Carp Wire Sculpture

    A polished and weathered copper wire Koi Carp fish outlining the graceful curves of the butterfly koi. This wire wrapped design combines both 2D and 3D elements, creating an intricate modern ornament/sculpture for the home. A bespoke artisan ornament, lovingly crafted by hand.

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  • Penguin Wire Sculpture

    A polished patina copper wire frame penguin ornament outlining the plump contours of everyone’s favourite non flying bird. This free standing ornament is a modern and contemporary sculpture using wire as a cage to provide the classical bird shapes and interest. A bespoke artisan ornament lovingly crafted by hand.

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  • Hummingbird Sculpture

    A weathered copper wire bird sculpture outlining the delicate feathery contours of the British hummingbird. Hanging from a single thread, with its' wings outstretched, this little hummingbird will dance around your home interior.  We love this contemporary and creative impression of nature in flight capture in oxidised copper wire work.

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