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  • Fern Frond Pendant 6

    Fern Frond Pendant

    A handcrafted Pagan inspired copper wire work pendant outlining the delicate contours of the fern plant, wire-wrapped with moss agate, Indian agate and Chinese Jade (jadeite) semi-precious gemstones.


    Made to Order Product


  • Large Jade Barrel Bead

    Large Jade Barrel Bead

    A large focal Chinese Jadeite (jade) gemstone bead in a barrel shape, with a large hole through the length (8mm).


    Stone: Chinese Jadeite


    Size: 3cm x 2cm.

  • Chinese Jadeite Pendant Bead

    Jade Rectangle Focal Bead

    A large focal Chinese Jadeite (jade) gemstone bead in a rectangle shape, with a top hole to hang as a pendant.


    Stone: Chinese Jadeite


    Size: 4cm x 2.5cm x 3-4mm.

  • Morning Dew Earrings 3

    Morning Dew Earrings

    This pair of mis-matched earrings combine hand forged metalwork and wirework copper with a single jade gemstone dewdrop. Inspired by morning dewdrops that gather on summer grass.



  • Spiral Pendant Kit 12

    Spiral Pendant Craft Kit



    Learn to make a copper wire work pendant called ‘Ocean Waves or ‘Sea Lavender’ with this hobby craft kit. You will learn easy to master metal working techniques to begin your jewellery making journey. Gain insight into using copper wire in jewellery design, from the preparation, handling and forming through to the darkened patina finish, polishing and final varnish.