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  • Ocean Waves Necklace

    This necklace is inspired by the rolling waves of the ocean, with white crests and watery colours of greens and blues as the force of the tide stirs up the water. The design is made with polished patina copper wire detailing, set with droplets of agate, Chinese jade, amazonite, peace jade and moss agate beads. This abstract style of copper jewellery is designed to sit just under the décolletage, and is hung from a copper plated link chain.


  • Forest Dew Bracelet

    A chunky tan leather cuff unisex bracelet with dangling woodland stone droplets and a brass clasp.  This rustic weathered design suits Bohemian, steam punk, pagan, gothic and viking styles. With a forest inspired colour palette of earthy tan tones, watery greens and glossy blacks, we love the minimal design and bold style.  The piece is finished with a green quartz droplet at the end of the extension chain, dangly gently as you move your wrist.


  • Seashore Treasure Wrap Bracelet

    A rustic textured bracelet with copper, natural leather, wood, coconut and a variety of watery semi-precious gemstone beads. Reminiscent of the sea shore, where the coast-line is filled with gentle lapping waves, driftwood, weathered pebbles and beach treasure.  The copper feature has been hand cut, filed, textured, darkened and polished.  There are little stone droplets that adorn the clasp and dangle freely with movement.  We love how the earthy colours of brown leather, shimmering gem stones and metallic coppery tones combine.  This beach style bracelet can be worn any way around the wrist, each part of the design has its’ own charm.  A one of a kind Bohemian hipster jewellery design for women.

  • Moonlight Dreams Bookmark

    A rustic copper bookmark inspired by woodland at night, when moonlight pours over the forest floor casting shadows of muted watery colours. With a droplet of moonlight hues, both Chinese jade and agate stones. The little copper tags have the words ‘MOONLIGHT’ and ‘DREAMS’ hand stamped onto the metal with wonky text for a whimsical feel. The top of the book mark hook hangs in the book with the droplet over the spine of the book, to hold your place safely.  For book worms and traditional book lovers everywhere.


  • Botanical Woodland Fern

    A framed woodland fern frond design with copper, Chinese Jade, aventurine, agate and amazonite beads. This little piece of wall art is inspired by a woodland scene featuring the British fern, found in the depths of damp forests, when spring time comes, tiny fronds curl out from the earth with beautifully perfect spiralling shapes.  This piece combines a soft and muted green palette of new fern growth with dappled shades of polished weathered copper. Suitable for hanging in the home and garden.

  • Sea Crest Copper Necklace

    A dainty polished weathered copper necklace with watery Chinese jade and amazonite stones. This delicate design is inspired by the water element and the beauty of the ocean, with rolling waves of turquoise blue and white, shimmering in the sunshine and contrasting with the golden sand at the shore. We love how the combination of warm coppery highlights contrast with the soft icy blue tones. This necklace design is one of our popular Elven pieces, also available in two other colour palettes ‘Forest Faery‘ and ‘Sacred Fire‘.

  • Fern Frond Pendant

    A delicate copper pendant outlining the delicate contours of the fern plant, wire-wrapped with moss agate, Indian agate and Chinese Jade (jadeite) semi-precious gemstones. This organic design is inspired by the spiralling fern frond, when woodland is springing to life with the beautiful un-twining coils of the vibrant green fern.

  • Ocean Waves Earrings

    This pair of earrings takes inspiration from the crest of ocean waves, with aqua and white seafoam watery colours that soothe and calm.  Hand-made with oxidised copper wire-work, amazonite and Chinese Jade gemstone beads. These earrings are just perfect for ocean dreamers and beach lovers.  To wear, the circle/hoop shape sits side onto the ear/face. The last photograph in the gallery shows the front on view.

  • Moonlit Fern Necklace

    A polished patina copper elven necklace design with Chinese jade, amazonite and aventurine beads set on a brass chain. This delicate necklace features contrasting colours of watery greens with polished coppery tones. The style is inspired by the depths of the night, when moonlight baths woodland fern with soft muted rays of light. An artisan jewellery design for women lovingly crafted by hand.

  • Leafy Drop Necklace

    A polished patina copper leafy rain droplets necklace with Chinese jade stone, snake-skin jasper, moonstone and agate beads. An asymmetrical design that sits at an angle across the neckline. Reminiscent of summer rain drops gently rolling off a leafy branch, we love how the colours of the watery deep green jade and the fine textured earthy jasper hues combine with the soft translucent beads. An artisan jewellery design for women lovingly crafted by hand.  This design is part of a set with our ‘Leafy Drop Earrings‘.