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  • Rustic Paddle Bangle

    A rustic chunky copper wrap around metal bangle with a textured face that has a darkened patina finish.  This women’s design has a minimal style, dappled textures, with warm coppery tones and metallic highlights.  The copper has been shaped to follow the curve of your wrist and lightly hammered for a weathered and distressed appearance.

  • Arthritis Paddle Bangle

    A chunky and rustic copper bangle that has been left with a raw copper metal finish for arthritis wearers. The copper has been shaped to follow the curve of your wrist and lightly hammered with warm copper colours and highlights. This women’s bracelet design moves away from the traditional style of arthritis jewellery with a modern and minimalist paddle style of wire work.

  • Arthritis Cuff Bangle

    A rustic textured raw copper bangle with a small decorative opening, where the ends of the wire have been hammered into soft paddles shapes. The copper has been given a high polish which reflects sparkly metallic highlights. This women’s bracelet design is a contemporary take on copper jewellery for arthritis.

  • Woodland Gem Bracelet

    A rustic copper wire cuff bracelet with earthy tones and textures inspired by woodlands and forest.  A wire wrapped design featuring jasper and agate stones. A Bohemian style of jewellery for nature lovers everywhere, celebrating ancient folk lore and our roots in the earth.

  • Forest Dew Bracelet

    A chunky tan leather cuff unisex bracelet with dangling woodland stone droplets and a brass clasp.  This rustic weathered design suits Bohemian, steam punk, pagan, gothic and viking styles. With a forest inspired colour palette of earthy tan tones, watery greens and glossy blacks, we love the minimal design and bold style.  The piece is finished with a green quartz droplet at the end of the extension chain, dangly gently as you move your wrist.


  • Honeydew Bracelet

    A vibrant and warm beaded bracelet with a rustic textured copper bar and two strings of orange and red semi-precious gem stones. Finished with one carnelian pebble stone droplet at the side of the clasp, to dangle gently by your wrist. This Bohemian bracelet draws inspiration from the height of summer, with a rich colour palette reminiscent of sweet nectar and golden honeydew. This style can be worn any way around the wrist, each part of the design has its’ own charm.

  • Seashore Treasure Wrap Bracelet

    A rustic textured bracelet with copper, natural leather, wood, coconut and a variety of watery semi-precious gemstone beads. Reminiscent of the sea shore, where the coast-line is filled with gentle lapping waves, driftwood, weathered pebbles and beach treasure.  The copper feature has been hand cut, filed, textured, darkened and polished.  There are little stone droplets that adorn the clasp and dangle freely with movement.  We love how the earthy colours of brown leather, shimmering gem stones and metallic coppery tones combine.  This beach style bracelet can be worn any way around the wrist, each part of the design has its’ own charm.  A one of a kind Bohemian hipster jewellery design for women.

  • Dewy Moss Cuff

    A polished patina copper cuff bracelet with green quartz and peace jade beads.  This pretty bracelet is reminiscent of dew drops found on moss on a misty morning in autumn woodland.   The dappled coppery tones contrast with the bright translucent quality of the green quartz beads, seat with the opaque green and white tones in the jade. An earthy, nature inspired bangle design for women.

  • Swirling Mist Bracelet XS

    A hand-made oval shaped copper bracelet wrapped with garnet and clear quartz beads, finished with a copper toggle clasp. This delicate wire bracelet is inspired by nature, with a swirling mist over hedgerow shrubs heaving with ripe berries.  The deep shades of red garnet contrast with the watery quartz beads and dappled coppery tones.  The copper has been oxidised to darken and polished to reveal the metallic highlights again.

    Size XS only available.

  • Little Leaves Bracelet

    A delicate beaded bracelet with rustic dangling copper leaves and watery wire-wrapped semi-precious gemstone droplets.  Inspired by our love of woodland and forest, hearing the rustle of wind through summer trees like a gentle melody. The little copper leaves have each been hand cut, filed, weathered, polished, darkened with patina and hand painted with a gloss varnish. For lovers of Bohemian whimsical styled jewellery everywhere!

  • Tree Bark Copper Cuff

    A polished patina copper cuff bracelet that has been lightly hammered and textured creating dappled metallic colours and highlights. This hand-crafted Bohemian styled cuff has a chunky rustic feel, is tactile and warm in design and is inspired by the beauty found in natural tree bark.

  • Summer Honey Bracelet

    A rustic copper wire work bracelet with honey quartz, agate and aventurine beads. Inspired by the height of summer with warm tones of yellows, misty browns and gentle oranges. A unique beaded bracelet design for women who wear a Bohemian and natural style of jewellery.

    This bracelet is designed for those who find bangles too loose. Some people have a wide knuckle area across the hand and a slim wrist. This means that when wearing a bangle, to fit over the broad part of the knuckles/hand the bangle then dangles too loosely around the wrist. This is me by the way!  This design is a half way house….. with three quarters of a decorative wire wrapped bangle, with an opening around 1.5 inches that your wrist easily slides through, then held together with a chain/clasp.