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  • Autumn Haze Earrings

    A dainty pair of oxidised copper wire earrings featuring vibrant orange/red agate and carnelian beads. The style is inspired by the depths of an autumnal forest scene, with crimson colours of falling leaves. The dangly style of earring droplet sways gently with movement complimenting the jaw line and neck.  This pair of elvish styled earrings are part of a set with our ‘Autumn Haze Necklace‘.



  • Dew Droplet Earrings

    Delicately weathered and gently scuffed copper dangly earrings each with a rutile clear quartz bead. This paddle style of earrings features copper wire that has been flattened and textured at one end, with an oxidised finish to bring out the rustic nature.  With a contemporary and minimal style that will match any outfit. The length helps to accentuate the length and draw attention to the curves of your neck.  Enjoy!

  • Little Leaves Earrings

    Delicate polished copper earrings with dangling copper leaves each with a watery yellow citrine gemstone.  Inspired by our love of woodland and forest, hearing the rustle of wind through summer trees like a gentle melody. This design is both contemporary and Bohemian in style. The tiny copper leaves have each been hand cut, filed, polished, darkened with patina and hand painted with a gloss varnish. Phew!  This pair of earrings are part of a set with our ‘Little Leaves Necklace‘.


  • Cherry Blossom Earrings

    A pretty pair of cherry blossom flower earrings hand-made with oxidised copper wire, gemstones and glass. The petals are adorned with soft pastels and dusky pink colours in the jade, rose quartz and Czech glass beads. Women’s jewellery inspired by spring time blooms, when nature’s confetti fills the air with soft pink and white petals and a beautiful floral aroma.

  • Swirling Mist Earrings

    Delicate polished patina copper droplet earrings with garnet stones. This design combines metallic coppery tones and highlights with deep magenta. The style is reminiscent of swirling mist over woodland shrubs heaving with ripe berries. Each pair of earrings is lovingly made by hand.

  • Whispy Catkin Earrings

    Delicate weathered and polished copper earrings with three dangly droplets that hang with free movement.  It’s difficult to capture the changing shapes of this design with still photograph, as you move your body and head, they come to life as they sway gently. This rustic metallic style is inspired by spring time tree blossom, when the alder tree is in full bloom with golden catkins.

  • Moss of the Woods Earrings

    Delicate polished copper earrings featuring moss agate and brown agate semi-precious gem stones. This delicate design is made up of deep browns and greens set against the polished patina metal tones. The style is inspired by the depths of the forest, with earthy textures and woodland colours, nurturing and calming.  This pair of elven styled earrings are part of a set with our 'Moss of the Woods Necklace'.

  • White Goddess Earrings

    Delicate polished copper earrings with a minimal frame design, hand crafted with opalescent glass beads. This design gives a nod to pagan and wiccan earth tradition and folk lore, with icy white colours contrasting with the warm coppery tones and highlights. We love the gentle watery essence of this design, capturing the beauty of the natural world in the stillness of winter when snow lay on the ground. This pair of earrings are part of a set with our ‘White Goddess Necklace‘.

  • Leafy Drop Earrings

    Delicate polished copper earrings with a leafy woodland design. Hand crafted with agate and moonstone semi-precious gem stones. Reminiscent of rain drops dripping off a leafy branch, we love how the colours of the watery moonstone and the deep green agate combine.  This pair of elven styled earrings are part of a set with our ‘Leafy Drop Necklace‘.

  • Dewy Leaf Earrings

    A delicate copper wire leaf design with dreamy moonstone, labradorite and prehnite semi-precious gem stones. These earrings are inspired by the beauty found in tree leaves, picking out the tones of a leaf caught by a stream, with gentle droplets of dew from an early morning mist. We love the watery essence of this design, capturing the essence of nature. This pair of elven styled earrings are part of a set with our ‘Dewy Leaf Pendant‘.

  • Ocean Whispers Earrings

    This rustic distressed pair of droplet earrings are inspired by the swirling colours of the sea, with aqua sea foam, mottled green and blue tones that lay over the distressed copper base. The surface has been layered with a green vergedis texture that creates a Bohemian style of weathered jewellery. For water babies and free spirits out there. And as always dream of the ocean.

  • Ocean Waves Earrings

    This pair of earrings takes inspiration from the crest of ocean waves, with aqua and white seafoam watery colours that soothe and calm.  Hand-made with oxidised copper wire-work, amazonite and Chinese Jade gemstone beads. These earrings are just perfect for ocean dreamers and beach lovers.  To wear, the circle/hoop shape sits side onto the ear/face. The last photograph in the gallery shows the front on view.