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  • Raw Copper Paddle Bangle

    Arthritis Paddle Bangle

    A contemporary raw copper bangle that is hand forged with a wrap around feature. The ends of the wire have softly rounded paddle shapes for comfort. The surface has a dappled textured finish with a high polish that reflects metallic highlights.



  • Raw Copper Snake Bangle

    Copper Snake Bangle

    A modern copper bangle with a wrap around snake feature where the ends of the wire have been formed into rounded paddles. The finish is a beautiful brushed satin finish. Designed for arthritis as a contemporary take on raw copper jewellery.



  • Amethyst Medium Copper Bangle

    Purple Thistle Bangle

    An artisan contemporary metal bangle featuring a large purple amethyst pebble semi-precious gemstone bead. The copper wire has a rustic patina finish which contrasts with the beautiful purple gem.


    Ready Made Artisan Designs


  • Raw Copper Paddle Bangle

    Arthritis Cuff Bangle

    This hand crafted copper bangle has a decorative opening with two hammered paddle shapes where the end of the wire sits. A textured design with a mottled hammered surface that reflects the light and creates coppery shimmers and sparkles. The raw copper design is a modern take on arthritis jewellery.



  • Oceanides Medium Copper Bangle

    Oceanides Bangle

    A modern women’s bangle design with rustic copper metal and a vibrant fluorite pebble semi-precious gemstone. An ode to the Oceanides, the salt water nymphs and minor goddesses of the sea. The daughters of Oceanus in ancient mythology.


    Ready Made Artisan Designs


  • Rustic Paddle Copper Bangle

    Rustic Paddle Bangle

    A rustic chunky copper wrap around metal bangle with a textured face that has a darkened patina finish.  This women’s design has a minimal style, dappled textures, with warm coppery tones and metallic highlights.



  • Rustic Copper Snake Bangle

    Rustic Snake Bangle

    A rustic copper bangle with a brushed satin finish and a deep patina treatment. The wrap around design is finished with snake shaped ends, where the wire has been flattened and formed into rounded paddle shapes.



  • Patina Cuff Bangle

    Rustic Cuff Bangle

    A distressed metal stacking bangle with a lightly hammered face that has a darkened patina. Hand-made from copper wire with a rustic Bohemian feel, with a minimal style and warm metallic highlights.  The women’s bracelet design has a small decorative opening where the ends of the wire have been flattened into soft paddle shapes.



  • Seafoam Copper Bangle

    Seafoam Bangle

    A modern women’s bangle design featuring a large pale green chalcedony semi-precious gemstone bead. With a seafoam aqua colour palette contrasting against the rustic patina metal bangle. For those who dream of living by the sea.