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  • Leafy Drop Necklace

    A polished patina copper leafy rain droplets necklace with Chinese jade stone, snake-skin jasper, moonstone and agate beads. An asymmetrical design that sits at an angle across the neckline. Reminiscent of summer rain drops gently rolling off a leafy branch, we love how the colours of the watery deep green jade and the fine textured earthy jasper hues combine with the soft translucent beads.



  • Moonlit Fern Necklace

    A polished patina copper elven necklace design with Chinese jade, amazonite and aventurine beads set on a brass chain. This delicate necklace features contrasting colours of watery greens with polished coppery tones. The style is inspired by the depths of the night, when moonlight baths woodland fern with soft muted rays of light. An artisan jewellery design for women lovingly crafted by hand.

  • Moss of the Woods Necklace

    A copper wire scroll necklace featuring moss agate, Botswana agate and Indian agate beads set on a fine chain. This delicate design is made up of deep browns and greens set against the polished patina metal tones.  The style is inspired by the depths of the forest, with earthy textures and woodland colours, nurturing and calming.  An artisan piece lovingly crafted by hand.  This design is part of a set with our ‘Moss of the Woods Earrings‘.


  • Spirit of the Wind Necklace

    A delicate copper scroll necklace design with moonstone, garnet and aventurine beads on a fine copper chain. Inspired by the wind, nature’s invisible rhythm that scatters fallen leaves across the woodland floor. This hand-crafted necklace features misty greens, mottled white and deep red set against the warm patina copper.

    This necklace is available as variation ‘White Goddess Necklace’, visit this link to view.