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Seagull Hanging Mobile


This handmade hanging mobile follows the contours of a British seagull in flight. Hand forged with copper wire work detailing, the design is made up of three connected 3D metal frames, that form the body and two wings. The top is a rustic tree branch, and the gemstones that hang from the base of the seagull help to balance the centre of the design with weight (not to be pulled!).


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Beads: Botswana agate semi-precious gemstone.

Metal: Solid copper metal with a patina finish polished to reveal the warm coppery tones beneath. The copper has been sealed with a tough clear gloss finish to retain the glossy lustre highlights.

Wood: Fallen wood has been stripped, sanded and finished with a natural colour oil.

Hanging: Brass chain and metal flex wire.

Wing Tip to Tip Length: 36cm / 14.1 inches.

Top Bar Length: 20cm / 7.8 inches.

Total Hanging Height: 74cm / 29.1 inches.

Top Bar to Base Height: 58cm / 22.8 inches.

Base of Bird to Top of Wing Height: 12cm / 4.7 inches.

Usage: Please note this mobile is only suitable for hanging in your home, due to the delicate nature of the droplets it is not suitable for garden / exterior use. When using as a baby mobile or in a child’s room, please remember that this product is not a toy or suitable for handling by babies/children. Please ensure the mobile is hung from the ceiling or high on the wall out of reach.

Postage: The connections between the 2D wire frames are designed to move, to be foldable for posting in a flat box. The ring connections can be guided into place on unpacking.