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  • Sea Lavender Pendant

    Sea Lavender Pendant

    This hand-made copper wire-work pendant is inspired by sea lavender, a coastal shrub with beautiful purple and white flowers. The amethyst and fluorite gemstones compliment the oxidised copper detailing perfectly, following a gradient of colour from deep purple through to translucent lilac through the spiralling contours.



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    River Walk Dragonfly Suncatcher

    River Walk Suncatcher

    This dragonfly wall hanging is inspired by a September river walk, where the air is filled with dozens of pretty dragonflies enjoying the humid air and warm sunshine. The design features a circular ombre effect of rich purples through to dusky pink, wrapped with patina copper wire work that has been polished to reveal glimmering metallic highlights.


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  • Violet Wildflower Earrings 4

    Violet Wildflower Earrings

    A spiralling pair of earrings dotted with soft purple amethyst gemstones. Inspired by the British violet wildflower, with delicate summertime petals.



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    Wild Rose Love Heart Large

    Wild Rose Love Heart

    This pretty suncatcher is hand made with copper, gemstone and glass beads. With a colour palette inspired by the rambling English wild rose, with deep magenta, dusky pink and white colour hues.


    Ready Made Artisan Designs


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  • Blue Damselfly Suncatcher

    Blue Damselfly Decoration

    A decorative copper wire dragonfly handmade with Czech blue glass, green and purple fluorite and light blue jade beads. Inspired by a hazy summer’s day, picnicking by a river watching the dragonflies play over the water.


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    Foxglove Love Heart Large

    Foxglove Love Heart

    A hand crafted love heart suncatcher made with copper wire, semi-precious gemstone and glass beads. With a beautiful dappled purple, lilac and pink colour palette, drawing inspiration from foxglove wild-flowers that adorn shady spots in the forest.


    Ready Made Artisan Designs


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  • Forest Suncatcher Kit 18

    Forest Suncatcher Kit



    Learn how to make a sparkly forest lore suncatcher using copper wire, gemstone and glass beads. Set your creativity alight whilst mastering your wire work skills.


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    Amethyst Medium Copper Bangle

    Purple Thistle Bangle

    An artisan contemporary metal bangle featuring a large purple amethyst pebble semi-precious gemstone bead. The copper wire has a rustic patina finish which contrasts with the beautiful purple gem.


    Ready Made Artisan Designs


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  • Dragonfly Kit

    Dragonfly Craft Kit



    Learn to make a pretty dragonfly suncatcher from copper wire, gemstone and glass beads. Bring a dash of colour to your walls, window or garden with a homemade creation.


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  • Dragonfly Kit No Tools 7

    Dragonfly Kit No Tools


    Learn to hand craft a dragonfly suncatcher with copper wire work and beads. A beautiful project that can adorn your walls, windows or find a home out in the garden. This version of the kit provides the downloadable PDF tutorial and the craft materials needed to make the project, for crafters that already have their own pliers.


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