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  • Bluebells Hanging Mobile

    This pretty hanging mobile features spring bluebells adorned with cobalt blue, cornflower blue, lilac and aqua blue colours, spanning the palette of my favourite British wild flower.  Inspired by late spring, when all other blossom has faded away leaving the forest floor with a stunning carpet and a sweet aroma, a real celebration for the senses. The top of the mobile is a polished tree branch without its’ bark, that is warm and tactile. Each hanging line has a swivel barrel at the top which gives the flowers free movement as they can rotate around 360 degrees.



  • Blossom Petals Art Print

    Bring the elegance of spring time cherry blossom into your home with this delicate white petal art print. Capturing the beauty of the season, with soft white tree blossom in full bloom, before the delicate petals become a sprinkling of nature’s confetti. Join us in celebrating a very pretty time of year with our range of cherry blossom photographic prints.

  • Blossom Kisses Art Print

    The elegant beauty of cherry blossom is captured in this photographic print. With a fresh spring time colour palette of delicate pinks and white, we love that very special time of year when the trees begin to bloom, and tree blossom is abundant. Full of hope and promise, spring gives us a sense that new beginnings are ahead.  Fill your home with blossom year round with our collection of art prints.

  • Spring in Bloom Art Print

    Talk a walk with me through the spring time woodland, when the trees begin to sing their awakening songs filling our world with white petals that float to the ground like natures confetti.  There is something special about tree blossom, designer Nicola takes every opportunity to photograph these fleeting moments, capturing the essence of spring time as photographic art.

  • Spring Confetti Art Print

    A spring time blossom photograph that captures the warmth of hazy April sunshine, when the days are longer and the suns rays encourage the trees to come to life. We love walking through the woodland and forests in spring time, gazing at the delicate white petals that adorn the trees. Natures confetti is simply magical.

  • Cherry Blossom Pendant

    A delicate copper wire necklace outlining the pretty contours of cherry blossom flowers. The petals are adorned with soft pastels and dusky pink colours in the jade, rose quartz and rosaline Czech glass beads. Inspired by the best season of the year, when spring trees are abundant with nature’s confetti.  This design makes the perfect gift for nature lovers.



  • Whispy Catkin Earrings

    Delicate weathered and polished copper earrings with three dangly droplets that hang with free movement.  It’s difficult to capture the changing shapes of this design with still photograph, as you move your body and head, they come to life as they sway gently. This rustic metallic style is inspired by spring time tree blossom, when the alder tree is in full bloom with golden catkins.

  • Glimpse of Spring Blossom Art Print

    This spring blossom photograph takes a glimpse through fresh April trees, capturing the beauty of pale pink and soft white blossom just before the delicate petals start falling to the ground. An energising print with a colour palette of fresh greens and rich pink tones that complement each other in muted harmony.  Our range of nature inspired art posters are a bright and inspiring addition to your home. We love the promise of spring!

  • Cherry Blush Blossom Art Print

    This vibrant blossom photograph pays tribute to the beauty of spring time blooms, when colours are vivid and fresh as new life begins to emerge.  With a rich cherry pink colour palette set against a dramatic dark woodland background, we love the contrast of the bright blossom petals with the deep red flower stalks.  Our range of nature inspired photographic art posters will fill your walls with the essence of fresh spring blossom the whole year round.

  • Cherry Blossom Mobile

    This beautiful hanging mobile features falling cherry blossom flowers and petals made from oxidised copper wrapped with pretty pink beads. Inspired by the height of spring when the air is filled with nature’s confetti as the wind blows tree blossom to the floor. The top of the mobile is a polished tree branch without its’ bark, that is warm and tactile. Each hanging line has a swivel barrel at the top which means the flower droplets can rotate around 360 degrees with gentle movement.


  • White Spring Blossom Art Print

    This photographic art print captures the delicate beauty of white spring tree blossom in Sussex woodland, just before the petals begin to fall and drift away in the wind like nature’s confetti. With a dreamy palette of soft blues, ice whites and muted earthy tones, we love the vibrant nature of this cherry blossom photograph.  Our range of nature inspired art posters bring year round colour to your home interior with a sense of spring time hope of lighter and warmer days to come.

  • Spring Leaves Mobile

    A rustic and weathered leafy drop hanging mobile with mottled green/blue verdigris solid copper metal leaves.  This decorative piece of wall or window art is inspired by spring time woodland, when fresh and vibrant colours adorn the forest, such a delight after the stark bareness of winter.  Each copper leaf has been hand-cut, shaped individually, filed and polished with a green/blue verdigris pigment patina effect.  The top of the mobile is a sanded tree branch without its’ bark, with a hard wax finish that gives a tactile and warm feel.  Each droplet has a swivel barrel at the top which means they can rotate 360 degrees with free movement.