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  • Dew Droplet Earrings

    Delicately weathered and gently scuffed copper dangly earrings each with a rutile clear quartz bead. This paddle style of earrings features copper wire that has been flattened and textured at one end, with an oxidised finish to bring out the rustic nature.  With a contemporary and minimal style that will match any outfit. The length helps to accentuate the length and draw attention to the curves of your neck.  Enjoy!

  • Ocean Crest Suncatcher

    An ocean inspired geometric suncatcher with watery green and blue semi-precious gemstones fluorite, labradorite, prehnite and quartz. This design features circles, sea bubbles that play with circular shapes and negative space. Each circle is wire wrapped with translucent beads that adore the sunshine.  Best served with a dose of summer sun as a sparkling window decoration or as outdoor metal garden art.



  • Reflections Art Print

    Enjoy the summer sunshine and meander along a river walk, watching the shimmering reflections cast across the river. This abstract water ripple art print captures the essence of English countryside at its best.  You can almost feel the warmth of later afternoon hazy sunshine coming through the leafy green trees.  Our range of photographic art prints bring nature to life in your home interior.


  • Rain Cloud Mobile

    A wire rain cloud hanging mobile with sparkling teal raindrops falling to the ground.  This pretty weather decoration can be used as a luxury baby mobile in a nursery above a crib, it can be hung as a window decoration or against a wall as a piece of wire wall art. The design comes alive when the sun shines through the translucent glass beads, so placing in a sunny location is recommended.  The top of the mobile is a rescued tree branch, the bark has been removed and it has been polished with a hard wax finish that gives a tactile and warm feel.  There are three hanging drops and each has a swivel barrel at the top allowing the rain clouds to rotate around 360 degrees with gentle kinetic movement.


  • Ocean Waves Necklace

    This necklace is inspired by the rolling waves of the ocean, with white crests and watery colours of greens and blues as the force of the tide stirs up the water. The design is made with polished patina copper wire detailing, set with droplets of agate, Chinese jade, amazonite, peace jade and moss agate beads. This abstract style of copper jewellery is designed to sit just under the décolletage, and is hung from a copper plated link chain.


  • Geometric Dew Drops Mobile

    A rustic geometric mobile with circular patina copper wire work droplets that are wrapped with watery dew drop gemstones; rainbow fluorite, labradorite, moonstone, prehnite and quartz.  This window decoration is inspired by a walk through the forest on a misty morning when dew drops have formed on tree branches, like sparkling lights as the sun begins to rise.  The top of the mobile is a polished tree branch without its’ bark, that is warm and tactile.  Each hanging line has a swivel barrel at the top which means the drops can move around 360 degrees freely. All of our mobiles and suncatchers come to life in the sunshine, with bright flashes of rainbow coloured light.  Designer Nicola brings nature to life through wire art.

  • Woodland Dew Mobile

    A rustic woodland mobile with abstract patina copper stems that are wire wrapped with agate, glass and crystal beads. This window decoration is reminiscent of a forest scene, with dew drops gathering on tree branches in the early morning mist.  The colour palette for the beads captures the essence of rain drops and dew drops, with white, blues, translucent, opalescent and faceted crystals.  The top of the mobile is a polished tree branch without its’ bark, with a hard wax finish that gives a tactile and warm feel.  The wire droplets each have a swivel barrel at the top which means they can move around 360 degrees freely. Suitable for hanging in your home interior as a pretty dangling ornament for year round sparkles of light.

  • Sea Shore Love Heart

    A rustic weathered copper wire hanging heart decoration with agate, amazonite, sodalite, kyanite and fluorite semi-precious gem stones and glass beads.  This heart suncatcher can be hung in the home as wall art or as a sparkly decoration for sunny windows. It is sturdy enough to be hung in the garden to see warm flashes of dancing sea shore rays of light.  This handmade piece was inspired by the watery colours of ocean waves and the gently lapping of the sea against the shore. With flashes of turquoise, deep blues and glistening translucence.



  • Dewy Leaf Earrings

    A delicate copper wire leaf design with dreamy moonstone, labradorite and prehnite semi-precious gem stones. These earrings are inspired by the beauty found in tree leaves, picking out the tones of a leaf caught by a stream, with gentle droplets of dew from an early morning mist. We love the watery essence of this design, capturing the essence of nature. This pair of elven styled earrings are part of a set with our ‘Dewy Leaf Pendant‘.

  • Dewy Leaf Pendant

    A delicate copper wire leaf design with dreamy moonstone, watery pastel green quartz, rainbow fluorite and labradorite semi-precious gemstones, set on a fine brass chain.  The feature lays asymmetrically across the neckline.  Inspired by the beauty found in tree leaves, this piece picks out the tones of a leaf caught in a stream, with gentle droplets of dew from the early morning mist. We love the dew drop watery essence of this wire necklace design, capturing the essence of the natural world in women’s jewellery. This design is part of a set with our ‘Dewy Leaf Earrings‘.

  • Lightning Cloud Hanging Decoration

    A minimal / kitsch styled copper storm cloud with a dangling lighting bolt wrapped wrapped with clear crackle glass beads. This contemporary wire hanging decoration is suitable for hanging in both the home and garden and looks lovely with the sun’s rays shining through.  Inspired by the great British summer when the warm weather breaks and thunder clouds roll in, I’m always hoping to see an electrical storm with plenty of lightning!

  • Geometric Rain Storm Mobile

    An abstract copper hanging mobile featuring dangling rectangle frames with cobalt blue glass rain droplets. The geometric copper wire frames have been subtly distressed and weathered with a dark patina finish. This metal mobile is reminiscent of autumn rainfall, when stormy rain clouds gather over woodland and rain drops start to pitter patter as they fall off tree branches onto the ground below.  The water droplets hang at random lengths creating a pitter patter effect of falling rain. Hang this geometric mobile in your home interior for year round blue highlights as the sun catches the glass beads. We love the British weather here at Earth Balance Craft and enjoy creating designs that capture the essence of the elements.