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Whispering Leaves Pendant


A delicate copper wire-work pendant that follows the beautiful contours of the aspen leaf. A pretty leafy design that is adorned with garnet, rose quartz and Czech glass beads, reflecting the colours of changing autumn as the aspen leaves begin to fall to the forest floor. The swirly contours are soft and elegant, inspired by ancient tree lore and the land of the faeries.



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Leaf Meaning: The aspen leaf has many magical associations, from the mesmirising whispering sounds of the leaves as the wind blows that had an enchanting effect, to the shape of the round leaves that offer a shield of protection and prevention from harm stemming from the Greek meaning of aspen as a ‘shield’. Most inspiring is the fae legend where the aspen tree is seen as the ‘faerie tree’, where a portal to the faerie world is rumoured to be, and a single aspen leaf was said to have been placed under the tongue to achieve eloquence.

Variation: Each piece is hand-crafted individually and will vary slightly in appearance. When ordering you will receive a replica of the original design using the same colour palette. Slight differences in the design and beading will occur due to the hand-made nature of copper metalwork. The photographs in the gallery show a number of versions of the design on multiple backgrounds to give the most true to life image.

Beads: Garnet, rose quartz, Czech glass.

Metal: Solid copper wire with a patina finish polished to reveal the warm coppery tones beneath. Hand painted with a protective gloss varnish that is safe to wear on the skin.

Chain/Clasp: Copper plated (any metal alloy is nickel and lead free under the EU nickel directive REACH).

Feature Height Approx: 7.5cm / 2.9 inches.

Necklace Length Approx: 61cm / 24 inches.

Necklace Style: Matinee length necklace.

Garnet is a stone of that helps energise and rejuvenate. A stone that is seen to help relationships, love and passion as well as being used in times of crisis, helping to provide strength and courage. In the physical body garnet relates to the heart, blood and skin conditions.

Quartz helps regulate and balance energy. It helps draw out negative energy, balancing the emotional, physical and spiritual body. It also helps the immune system, aids focus, clarity and helps with memory problems.

Rose quartz is the stone of unconditional love and romance. It is also seen as aiding forgiveness, compassion and wisdom with yourself and within personal relationships. It is also associated with healing matters of the heart by releasing negative energy surrounding relationships.