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  • Apple Blossom Love Heart

    Apple Blossom Love Heart

    This pastel love heart suncatcher is embellished with soft pink and light green gemstones and glass beads. Inspired by spring time apple blossom, when soft hues of pink and green adorn the forest.



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    Koi Carp Suncatcher

    Koi Carp Suncatcher

    This bespoke wall hanging follows the dynamic contours of the koi carp fish. Inspired by the Hairwake koi species, known for its’ yellow and silver/white colourings that appear like a metallic lustre in the water. Hand-made with copper wire, with sparkling crystals, gemstones and glass beads.



  • White Butterfly Decoration

    White Butterfly Decoration

    This remembrance gift symbolises the spirit of those who have passed with a white butterfly, a reminder they are there offering protection and guidance to you. Hang in your window or your car in memory of your loved ones.



  • Jay Feather Decoration

    Jay Feather Decoration

    The jay has a very special meaning for me as it was my nana’s favourite feathery visitor to her garden. I remember those flashes of bright blue as he swooped down to the bird feeder.



  • Snakeskin Jasper Coin Beads

    Snakeskin Jasper Coin

    A collection of snakeskin jasper coin beads. Craft supplies for hobby bead workers.


    Stone: Snakeskin jasper.


    Size: Approx 1cm x 1cm x 0.4mm.


    Hole: Through the diameter of the coin.


    Quantity: As shown in the gallery.


    Details: Irregular hand cut beads, some of the holes are misshapen.

  • Old Wood Jasper Beads

    A collection of round and oval old wood coin eye gemstone beads. Craft supplies for hobby bead workers.


    Stone: Old wood jasper.


    Size: 12mm circular coin and 12mm oval coin


    Quantity: As shown in the gallery.

  • Tree Creeper Decoration

    Tree Creeper Decoration

    The British tree creeper bird is a tiny little fellow whose favourite place is among the trees. He is most well known for his curved beak, making him a distinctive character. This copper wire work design follows the contours of his small body and is adorned with brown, white and yellow gemstone beads.



  • Wire Feather Bookmark

    Feather Bookmark

    This pretty copper wire work bookmark follows the beautiful contours of a single feather. Inspired by my favourite garden birds who I love to watch in the garden.



  • Ocean Agate Jasper Tooth Beads

    Agate Jasper Tooth Beads

    A collection of ocean agate and jasper beads that are tooth shaped. Craft supplies for hobby bead workers.


    Stone: Ocean agate and jasper.


    Size: Each stone is hand cut and tumbled, size varies, approx 2cm x 0.4mm x 0.3mm.


    Hole: Top of tooth shape.


    Quantity: As shown in the gallery.

  • Henry the Garden Bird

    Henry the Garden Bird

    Meet Henry, your friendly British garden bird, he’s a cheeky chap that loves to hang around the bird feeder waiting for treats. A handcrafted copper wire work design for hanging in the home or garden.


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    Green Hairstreak Butterfly

    Green Hairstreak Butterfly

    This copper wire-wrapped butterfly suncatcher is inspired by the British ‘Green Hairstreak’ butterfly species whose favourite spot is on a Hawthorn tree branch. With a colourful palette of green, blue, purple, pink, champagne and yellow hues.


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  • Lotty Garden Bird

    Lotty Garden Bird

    Meet Lotty, a handmade wire work garden bird. She is your friendly little feather friend. This artisan creations is for hanging in the home or garden.


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