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  • Marble Jasper Tube Beads

    Marble Jasper Tube Beads

    A collection of squared and long 1.3cm marbled jasper tube beads. Beading supplies for hobby crafters.


    Stone: Jasper.


    Size: 1.3cm x 0.4mm x 0.4mm.


    Quantity: As shown in the gallery.

  • Grassy Meadow Earrings

    Grassy Meadow Earrings

    This tiny pair of circle earrings draw inspiration from warm summer strolls through grassy meadows. The design is handmade with spiralling copper wire work set with delicate peridot gemstones.



  • Blue Whale Suncatcher

    Blue Whale Suncatcher

    This pretty copper wire work suncatcher pays homage to the blue whale, known as a gentle giant. The designs follows his beautiful contours and adorns his body with blue and white semi-precious gemstones and Czech glass beads.



  • Seagull Decoration 4

    Seagull Decoration

    This rather cheeky handmade seagull decoration outlines the familiar shape of the British seagull, the one bird that is loved and hated by the British nation! He is a master at stealing chips and dive-bombing for your ice-cream. With a loud squawk and prying eye, nothing is safe as you walk along the promenade at the sea-side.



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    Bullfinch Decoration

    Bullfinch Decoration

    This rather grand looking British garden bird is the Bullfinch, who is rather fond of spring time flower buds. This copper wire hanging decoration captures the infamous rounded beak of the bullfinch, with his plump red chest, grey blue wings and feathery tail.



  • Twining Vine Love Heart Decoration

    Twining Vine Love Heart

    A handcrafted copper wire heart shaped ornament with delicate twining vines, that hangs gently lop-sided.  This design was inspired by the beauty found in the depths of the woodland, we love the deep coppery tones and highlights.



  • Sandstone Oval Beads

    Sandstone Oval Beads

    A collection of hand cut and tumbled sandstone beads. Craft supplies for hobby bead workers.


    Stone: 16 x sandstone oval beads flat.


    Size: Approx 2.5cm x 1.7cm x 0.6mm.


    Hole: Runs length ways.


    Details: Irregular hand cut, some of the holes are misshapen.

  • Maple Leaf Suncatcher

    Autumn Maple Sun Catcher

    A hand crafted Japanese maple leaf sun catcher made with copper wrapped with agate, carnelian, aventurine and glass beads. Inspired by the beautiful colours of the Japanese maple leaf, with deep russets, blushed orange and warm gold.



  • Seashell Suncatcher

    Sea Shell Suncatcher

    This sparkly decoration is inspired by the coast-line that surrounds the Isle of Wight. Featuring a hand-made copper wire work seashell that is adorned with oceanic semi-precious gemstones and Czech glass.



  • Sunburst Love Heart Large

    Sunburst Love Heart

    A copper wire heart hanging decoration adorned with a warm orange and soft red colour palette of semi-precious gemstone and Czech glass beads. Inspired by the warmth of summer sunshine, with flashes of bright rays streaming through the trees in a woodland setting.



  • Tigers Eye Beads 4mm

    Tigers Eye Beads 4mm

    A collection of round and faceted 4mm tigers eye gemstone beads. Craft supplies for hobby bead workers.


    Stone: Tigers Eye.


    Size: 4mm round and faceted


    Quantity: As shown in the gallery.

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    Flag Sailboat

    Flag Sailboat

    This handmade wood and metal sailboat is a free standing decoration inspired by the coastline around West Cowes on the Isle of Wight. The sail is a 2D design using copper wire that has been oxidised for a deep patina finish. For all deep sea fisherman and sailing lovers alike.