Storm Clouds Rolling In

I have a passion for creating designs that romanticise the British weather. My recent range of jewellery designs draws inspiration from storm clouds. Those dark grey clouds that look too heavy for the sky, and threaten wild weather to come. Living here on the Isle of Wight, we have a great relationship with storms! The weather rolls in off the channel and reaches our little island first. The wind, rain and clouds have such a tremendous energy to them, blowing the cobwebs away and whispering through the countryside. The elements are so powerful, I often look on from the safety of indoors in absolute awe. Storms are magical to me.

These designs use a hand-forging spiral copper wire work technique, to frame a single labradorite rain droplet. The top of the design features a curved overlay to create movement in the aesthetic and stability in the design. So far the set features matching earrings, with a pendant and a necklace. For those like me, who are fascinated by the weather.

The Storm Cloud earring design is also available as a tutorial. Suitable for beginner level hobby wire work students, the pdf download will take you step by step through the complete process. Click the photos below to find out more.