Beautiful Peacocks

Peacock facts:

  • Peacocks are like hummingbirds and butterflies, their feathers have a crystal like structure which reflects light in a metallic and shimmery way.
  • The tail feathers are called a ‘train’ and have 200 individual feathers each with an eye spot.
  • The colourful peacock is the male of the species.
  • When they are born their tail feathers have not developed, after 6 months the males start to change colour and grow their train.
  • The peacock bird is native to India, they are the national bird.
  • They are a member of the pheasant family, and are called peafowls.

My designs celebrate the beauty of the peacock birds, in all their green, gold and blue glory.  I have a range of hanging decorations, mobiles and jewellery designs that aim to capture the shimmering colour palette and vibrancy of these much loved birds. Each design is handmade with copper wire and adorned with translucent semi-precious gemstone and Czech glass beads.