Lets Talk Artist Copyright

Say to not Fake Sites

Lets Talk Artist Copyright

Let's talk copyright infringement. There is a huge problem with fake Chinese e-commerce shops that steal artists photos/tutorials/product listings, to set up adverts on FB and IG, to sell fake goods through scam websites at a fraction of the price and send out rubbish. As sole traders, it takes a huge amount of time and energy to try and take down our photos from these adverts and websites. Sometimes it is impossible, and as soon as you have some success, another fake online store opens and the cycle starts again.

It's all behind the scenes, day in and day out as so many scammers steal our intellectual property. Please only buy directly from the artist. These scammers are stealing thousands of pounds every day from unsuspecting people. You will not receive the product shown, a knock off plastic version at best, or no delivery and no refund at worst. There is no refund policy with these stores, you can say goodbye to your hard earned cash. Always use PayPal at minimum as they have some level of protection. As buyers be aware! Do your research, if a bargain seems too good to be true, it is.

Reverse google image search is a great way to find the original artist. You can upload a photo and it will show you where it is listed on the web.

My fellow artists that are going through the same pain are Campsodella Contemporary Handmade Silver Jewellery, Sam Cannon Art and Cottontail & Whiskers and Glass Art Stories who have produced a reel on IG to show you the real product vs the fake product www.instagram.com/p/CVGRIt1l_d_/