Meet the Maker

Meet the Maker

At the beginning of February 2016, designer Nicola was interviewed by the ‘Handcrafted Uniquely‘ Facebook page, here’s a copy of what was published.


I’m Nicola, maker at Earth Balance Craft.

I’ve been one of those creative sorts since my childhood, was always drawing, painting, sticking together and making. I remember those times fondly, getting lost for hours in my own world with my wild imagination and love for creative play time. Nothing much has changed these days, I am still happiest when I am being creative. For me personally, creative expression is an important part of being me, it’s like the purest sense of meditation and peace. It’s what keeps me grounded, nourished and sane!

Before making craft professionally, I worked as an interior designer, tutor and lecturer. Even back then I was the renegade designer, objecting to plastics and mass production! Over those years as time went on I felt my creativity was getting lost. Or rather I lost my way some. After major life changes in my early 30s, I used that turn in pace from the universe to turn everything on its’ head. I became self employed and worked my knitted wool socks off to step outside of the ‘system’.

From there I regained the creativity I had lost and started Earth Balance Craft with a simple wordpress blog. For a few years I mainly sold to friends and the occasional person that landed on my website! This began to grow, along came Etsy, social media, more craft tools, better design skills and an all round happier me. And here we are today, heading to my mid 40’s and loving my craft just as much as I did as a kiddie.

Over the years I have developed and evolved my design skills to reflect the beauty of the natural world, whether designing homes, commercial spaces, jewellery, craft or art, my work centres around simplicity, natural materials, organic forms and contrasting textures. I enjoy exploring copper wire and sheet work with semi-precious stones and glass in my designs. I am forever inspired by the natural world, have a deep love of forests, rivers and wild life.

I do not see or feel much difference in how I design from when I was working on the larger scale with buildings, interiors and materials, to now what can be contained in my hands. It’s the same process, feels right when it is right!

Hmmm so where is Earth Balance Craft going….. well over the last few months I’ve taken the skills I have in adult education and started creating my own craft tutorials, this is a side of the business I will grow this year. I am loving making mobiles at the moment, there’s something fascinating about 2d objects, day light and a kinesthetic almost dance like quality. so you can all expect to see many more be birthed. And each week my designs are changing, evolving as I step that bit closer to being a much more natural me.


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