Ocean Waves Collection

My ocean waves collection of wire work designs has grown and I do admit to being an ocean obsessed artist.

Here are just a few of my sea shore pieces inspired by living on the Isle of Wight and the miles and miles of beautiful coast-line I love to explore.  I'm a watery baby and love to sit at the shore, feeling the power of the sea and absorbing its' nurturing and rejuvenating goodness. The sound of ocean waves whether rolling energetically or gently lapping at the shore is mesmerizing and I cannot think of a sound that soothes the soul as much.

It’s my favourite place to muse, relax and dream, and it is where I draw most of my creative inspiration from. My designs try to capture the watery essence of the sea, using semi-precious gemstones that have white, blue, green and aqua translucence qualities. Namely fluorite, moonstone, labradorite, prehnite, rutilated quartz, agate and Chinese jade stone. In the web store visit the ‘ocean‘ category to view more pieces that show my passion for the deep blue sea.