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  • Azure Dragonfly Suncatcher

    A decorative copper wire dragonfly hanging decoration adorned with pretty aqua, teal and azure semi-precious gemstone and glass beads. Inspired by the height of summer when dragonflies dance over the water, shimmering with beautiful blue metallic colours.  This design uses the British azure damselfly species as my muse.  Hang in your lounge window for some lovely sunshine sparkles or out in the garden for year round colour.



  • Blue Damselfly Decoration

    A decorative copper wire dragonfly with Czech glass, fluorite, agate and blue kyanite semi-precious gem stone beads. Inspired by a hazy summer's day, picnicking by a river watching the dragonflies play over the water. This little piece of wire wall art is suitable for both inside the home and out in the garden. Inspired by the common blue damselfly (Enallagma cyathigerum), a species of dragonfly found all over the British Isles, with striking blue, black and azure colours.  We love making wildlife insect designs from copper wire with a polished patina finish and metallic highlights.



  • Beautiful Demoiselle Dragonfly

    A decorative copper wire dragonfly suncatcher with agate, aventurine, quartz and glass beads.  Inspired by the striking colours found in the British 'Beautiful Demoiselle Dragonfly', this distinct species with metallic blue and green coloured wings. These winged beauties, flutter around streams and rivers with a similar flight path as butterflies.  Designer Nicola loves to bring nature to life through wire art, and her love of wild life grows every day.  Whether for hanging in the home as a window decoration or out in the garden this pretty dragonfly would make even a dreary day feel colourful and vibrant.



  • Cottage Garden Suncatcher

    A decorative copper wire suncatcher / hanging mobile design with warm semi-precious gemstones and glass beads.  Inspired by a summer time cottage garden, when wild life is in abundance and plants are soaking up the sun. Featuring a Scarlet Darter dragonfly, a Speckled Wood butterfly and three Red Hazel leaves. With a rich and warm colour palette, that compliments the coppery metallic highlights.  This luxury decoration is designed to hang from the top of a window, with the three dangling pieces catching warm rays of sunshine.  Each feature piece will rotate 360 degrees freely around as they all dangle from swivel barrels.



  • Clover Meadow Art Print

    Glimpse into the summer meadow, amongst the tall grasses are little purple and white blooms of the British clover wild flower. Known as the honeystalks as it is a nectar plant attracting honey and bumble bees. It is most well known from the time of the ancient Celts as the lucky four leaved clover. The blossoms fill the meadow floor with vibrant colour in June and July.  Our range of photographic art posters bring the taste and smell of summer meadows into your home interior, filling your walls with fresh colour and warmth.

  • Grassy Meadow Necklace

    A curved copper bar necklace adorned with lime green peridot beads. This design is inspired by the height of summer, taking a lazy Sunday walk across grassy meadows, where the grass is knee high gently swishing as you walk. The zesty green colours in the peridot stones contrast with the polished metallic highlights. The necklace is designed to sit delicately just below the collar bone drawing attention to the décolletage.



  • Flower Stamen Necklace

    An abstract necklace design inspired by summertime flowers, when stamen are heaving with pollen ready for the honey bees to gather.  With polished patina copper wire detailing, a pretty flower copper chain and warm orange and red tones in the pollen droplets of agate, aventurine and glass beads. We love the whimsical nature of this wire work necklace design, set on a gentle curve that frames the décolletage.



  • Gatekeeper Butterfly Suncatcher

    A decorative copper wire butterfly adorned with semi-precious gemstone and glass beads. Inspired by the British 'Gatekeeper Butterfly', a beautiful orange species. This piece of wire art is suitable for hanging in the home as a window decoration or in the garden for year round colour. The colour palette is rich with warm oranges, subtle reds and striking translucent lime green set against the contrasting dappled tones of copper.



  • Dusk Reflections Art Print

    As the sun sets on a lazy summery afternoon, take a glimpse into the meadow grass, with the last moments of the suns rays warming the grass pasture. We love these close up glimpses of wild flowers playing in the sunshine, bouncing gentle reflections of soft light around.  A truly magical time of day.  Our range of nature inspired photographic art posters fill your home with the promise of summer year round, bring the beauty of Sussex meadows into your home to enjoy.

  • Hazy Grassland Art Print

    This dreamy meadow poster captures the sun as it begins to set casting long rays of light and shadows, capturing the soft hazy hues of mid summer whilst framing one lone grass stalk as it stands tall over the meadow floor. We love the soft and muted tones of this art print, you can almost smell the sunshine.  Our range of nature inspired photographic art posters fill your home with the promise of summer year round, bring the beauty of Sussex meadows into your home and enjoy.

  • Hazy Summer Bookmark

    A polished and weathered copper bookmark with a delicate droplet of agate and honey quartz stones. This copper wire design is inspired by dreamy summer walks among the local woodland, when the light is low and the air is full of dappled haze, with a warm breeze against your skin and the aroma of nature in summer time. Our range of rustic and unique hand-crafted bookmarks make the perfect gift.  We love capturing the essence of the natural world in our metal stationery designs, for traditional book lovers everywhere!



  • Hazy Summer Day Necklace

    A statement copper wire necklace warpped with Chinese Jade stone, amazonite and tourmaline beads. Featuring contrasting colours of watery soft greens and pale blues set against striking deep ruby reds. The style is reminiscent of a hazy summers day symbolising the height of summer, the summer solstice / Litha. This design means a lot personally to me as I challenged myself to re-make one of my very first copper wire necklaces from many many moons ago. I've always had nostalgic feelings about the first design, from how much I loved making it and what the sentiment of the the piece meant to me. Inspired by summer afternoons in my nana's garden when the warm air is filled with softly floating dander and mellow light, the garden heaving with ripe berries among the light green leaves, these are my most treasured memories.