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  • Wild Rose Suncatcher

    A delicate feminine suncatcher design with three heart shaped hanging droplets made with copper, deep red garnet, moonstone, fluorite, agate semi-precious gemstones and dusky pink cherry glass beads. Whether for hanging in your lounge window for some lovely sparkly highlights or out in the garden for year round colour, this metal hanging heart design is rather sweet!  Give as a gift to a dear friend, sister, daughter or for mother’s day.  Pink, red and girly!

  • Reflections Art Print

    Enjoy the summer sunshine and meander along a river walk, watching the shimmering reflections cast across the river. This abstract water ripple art print captures the essence of English countryside at its best.  You can almost feel the warmth of later afternoon hazy sunshine coming through the leafy green trees.  Our range of photographic art prints bring nature to life in your home interior.


  • Late Summers Day Art Print

    Enjoy the late summer sunshine, when walking through a grassland meadow pasture as the shadows cast lie out before you. The air is still warm and dry, yet there are signs of the grasses beginning to turn to hay.  This meadow photo will bring a burst of green sunshine to your home, and a spot of year round colour to your walls. Share our enjoyment in the great Sussex countryside!


  • Cottage Garden Suncatcher

    A decorative copper wire suncatcher / hanging mobile design with warm semi-precious gemstones and glass beads.  Inspired by a summer time cottage garden, when wild life is in abundance and plants are soaking up the sun. Featuring a Scarlet Darter dragonfly, a Speckled Wood butterfly and three Red Hazel leaves. With a rich and warm colour palette, that compliments the coppery metallic highlights.  This luxury decoration is designed to hang from the top of a window, with the three dangling pieces catching warm rays of sunshine.  Each feature piece will rotate 360 degrees freely around as they all dangle from swivel barrels.

  • Triple Heart Suncatcher

    This window decoration has three heart shaped hanging droplets made from copper wire wrapped with semi-precious gemstones.  Whether used as decorative piece of wall art or as hanging mobile for summer gardens, these sparkling designs offer year round colour and light play.

    Each suncatcher has three wire wrapped hanging hearts, with a choice of four colours; hazy sunshine, sea spray, sunburst and citrus zest. Pick the colour choice you would like from the drop down menu, all hearts will feature the same colour palette.

  • Flower Stamen Necklace

    An abstract necklace design inspired by summertime flowers, when stamen are heaving with pollen ready for the honey bees to gather.  With polished patina copper wire detailing, a pretty flower copper chain and warm orange and red tones in the pollen droplets of agate, aventurine and glass beads. We love the whimsical nature of this wire work necklace design, set on a gentle curve that frames the décolletage.


  • Grassy Meadow Necklace

    A curved copper bar necklace adorned with lime green peridot beads. This design is inspired by the height of summer, taking a lazy Sunday walk across grassy meadows, where the grass is knee high gently swishing as you walk. The zesty green colours in the peridot stones contrast with the polished metallic highlights. The necklace is designed to sit delicately just below the collar bone drawing attention to the décolletage.



  • Honeydew Bracelet

    A vibrant and warm beaded bracelet with a rustic textured copper bar and two strings of orange and red semi-precious gem stones. Finished with one carnelian pebble stone droplet at the side of the clasp, to dangle gently by your wrist. This Bohemian bracelet draws inspiration from the height of summer, with a rich colour palette reminiscent of sweet nectar and golden honeydew. This style can be worn any way around the wrist, each part of the design has its’ own charm.

  • Meadow Haze Bookmark

    A polished and weathered copper wire bookmark with a warm droplet of agate and aventurine. This design is inspired by dreamy summer meadows, where the grass is golden and the air is warm and dry.  Our range of rustic hand-crafted bookmarks make the perfect gift for friends, family and colleagues. Each metal bookmark aims to capture the essence of the natural world.


  • Hazy Summer Bookmark

    A polished and weathered copper bookmark with a delicate droplet of agate and honey quartz stones. This copper wire design is inspired by dreamy summer walks among the local woodland, when the light is low and the air is full of dappled haze, with a warm breeze against your skin and the aroma of nature in summer time. Our range of rustic and unique hand-crafted bookmarks make the perfect gift.  We love capturing the essence of the natural world in our metal stationery designs, for traditional book lovers everywhere!


  • Morning Dew Suncatcher

    A pretty copper wire butterfly suncatcher wrapped with blue lace agate and glass beads. Inspired by an early morning summer’s day when dew drops delicately hang on garden leaves, where pretty butterflies dance around as the sun gently rises with the promise of a warm day ahead.  Whether for hanging in the home as a beautiful window decoration or hung outside in the garden for year round sparkles of colour and light play, this artisan sun catcher will make a beautiful addition to your home.


  • Willow Dragonfly Suncatcher

    A hand crafted decorative copper wire dragonfly with labradorite, peridot, agate, fluorite, quartz and glass beads. Inspired by the buzzing sounds of summer river walks, with the delicate Willow Emerald dragonfly, one of my favourite British species. This whimsical style suncatcher can be hung in the home or garden as a pretty decoration, coming to life in the sunshine.