Copper Bangle Tutorial

Learn to make a hand forged copper bangle with a textured face and paddle ends. In this tutorial I share my knowledge and experience, passing on the complete metal-work process. Learn the stages involved to create a professional bangle with a high mirror shine. The techniques shown in this tutorial can be applied to many copper jewellery design applications.




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Two different finishes are discussed in the tutorial; 1) leaving the raw copper untreated for those who want to wear copper against their skin, and 2) adding a rustic patina finish. With further options for sealing with varnish or a hard wax.

How the instant download works: This tutorial is in a .PDF format. You will need a .PDF reader to enable viewing of the file. Please check prior to purchase that your computer or device can open/read .pdf files.

Level: This tutorial is suitable for beginners with some experience of working with wire and improver level students. All of the stages are described in detail with professional studio photographs to help guide you through each step.

Measurements: The instructions use the UK metric system of measurement in CM. There is a conversion guide at the beginning advising on measurements in inches for imperial measurements in inches.

CAVEAT 1: Please note a lot of tools and equipment are needed to make this bangle. Please read through the list below.

CAVEAT 2: Copper is the softest of metals. Even so, it takes finger and hand strength to work through the stages. Your fingers and hands will get stronger over time. If you use a substitute metal, it is likely to be harder to use, requiring more effort and manual work.


– Health and safety
– Tools needed
– Polishing tools and materials needed
– Finishing tools and materials optional
– Bangle sizing
– Techniques
– Measuring and cutting
– Preparing your forging hammer
– Hand forging and texturing
– Shaping
– Forming the size
– Levelling
– Expanding
– Scratch removal
– Work hardening
– Final preparation
– Polishing stages
– Finish; raw copper or rustic patina
– Finish; varnish and hard wax
– After care

Tutorial File Size: 19.5MB.

Number of Pages: 75.

Number of Photographs: 170.


Materials Needed: Raw copper wire.

Tools Needed: Stepped mandrel, metal file, wire cutters, steel bench block, domed jewellers hammer, nylon hammer or hide mallet, rotary tool e.g. Dremel with a flexi-shaft attachment, split mandrel, polishing mop.

Equipment: Wooden chopping board or bench pin, tumbling machine and rubber barrel, washing up liquid or barrel powder, polishing compounds, lint free cloths, sandpaper various grits, rubber gloves or finger gloves, safety goggles or glasses, dust mask.

Supplies Needed (Optional depending on finish): Ceramic container, rubber tipped tweezers, foam brush, chemical respirator, jewellers polishing cloth or wire wool, liver of sulphur solution, varnish or hard wax.

Our women’s bangle sizes:

Women Inner Diameter (cm) Inner Diameter (inches) Inner Circumference (cm) Inner Circumference (inches)
Small 6.06 2.38 19 7.5
Medium 6.71 2.64 21 8.3
Large 7.27 2.86 23 9


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