Green Hairstreak Butterfly


A beautiful wildlife decoration for the home. This copper wire-wrapped butterfly suncatcher is adorned with agate and Czech glass beads. Featuring a soft colour palette of watery forest greens with clear translucent sparkles. Inspired by the British ‘Green Hairstreak’ butterfly species whose favourite spot is on a Hawthorn tree branch. Whether for hanging in the home as a beautiful window decoration or outside in the garden for year round colour and light play, this artisan design will make a beautiful addition to your home.




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Semi-Precious Gemstones: Agate and Czech glass beads.

Metal Feature: Solid copper wire with an oxidised finish that has been polished to reveal copper metallic highlights. The copper has been hand painted with a durable gloss varnish.

Hoop Material: Copper plated coated steel.

Hang: Metal flex wire.

Hoop Diameter: 12.7cm / 5 inches.

Agate is a translucent microcrystalline quartz and is related to balancing yin yang in the body, protection, strength, courage, calmness and healing. Agate also helps the eyes, uterus and stomach, pancreas and cleanses the lymph system.

After Care Guide: Visit this page to find out how to care for your copper design.