Green Hairstreak Butterfly

A beautiful wildlife decoration for the home. This copper wire-wrapped butterfly suncatcher is adorned with aventurine, agate and Czech glass beads.



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Featuring a soft colour palette of watery forest greens with clear translucent sparkles. Inspired by the British ‘Green Hairstreak’ butterfly species whose favourite spot is on a Hawthorn tree branch.

Semi-Precious Gemstones: Aventurine, agate and Czech glass beads.

Metal Feature: Solid copper wire with an oxidised finish that has been polished to reveal copper metallic highlights. The copper has been hand painted with a durable gloss varnish.

Hoop Material: Copper plated coated steel.

Hang: Metal flex wire (lop sided to account for bead weight).

Hoop Diameter: 12.7cm / 5 inches.