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Hedgerow Berry Love Heart

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This pretty window decoration is handmade with copper wire work and adorned with vibrant red and green gemstone and glass beads. The hedgerow berry, inspired by rose hips, holly bushes, hawthorns, dogwood and the evergreens. A sign of winter on the way as the berries grow richer the closer we get to yule. The autumn mellow is giving way to the quietness of winter.


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Suitable for hanging both in the home and garden, as interior wall art or a colourful garden decoration. Inspired by the colour palette of late summer when hedgerows are ripe with berries, with contrasting colours of deep reds and soft greens, twining among the brambles.

Variation: Each piece is hand-crafted individually and will vary slightly in appearance. When ordering you will receive a replica of the original design using the same colour palette. Slight differences in the design and beading will occur due to the hand-made nature of copper metalwork. The photographs in the gallery show a number of versions of the design on multiple backgrounds to give the most true to life image.

Semi-Precious Gemstones: Agate, aventurine, jade, moss agate, carnelian and Czech glass.

Metal: Solid copper wire with a patina finish polished to reveal the warm coppery tones beneath. The copper has been sealed with a gloss finish.

Hang: Metal flex wire.


Small Love Heart

Width Approx: 7.8cm / 3 inches.

Height Approx: 8cm / 3.1 inches.

Medium Love Heart

Width Approx: 11cm / 4 inches.

Height Approx: 11cm / 4 inches.

Large Love Heart

Width Approx: 13cm / 4.75 inches.

Height Approx: 13cm / 4.75 inches.

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