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Stone Henge Ornament

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Inspired by the silhouette of Stone Henge, the ancient stone megalithic monument in Wiltshire, UK. This handcrafted design is free standing with a natural wooden base. Made over the summer solstice 2022 and infused with the essence of Litha.


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Metal: Solid copper metal sheet with a patina finish and weathered finish. The copper has been hand painted with a gloss varnish and distressed further, with a final coating of metal wax.

Wood: Fallen hard wood has been stripped, sanded and finished with a natural colour oil. A tree branch without its’ bark, that is warm and tactile to touch.

Width: 32.5cm / 12.7 inches.

Height: 9.2cm / 3.6 inches.

Depth: 4cm / 1.5 inches.