Wire Feather Tutorial

Learn to make a falling white feather suncatcher from copper wire and beads. Develop your wire work skills with easy to master techniques. Give as a gift for remembrance of hang in your window for pretty sparkles.




Review: “Beautiful Tutorial, will make this for my patio. Thank you for sharing your talent!” Received 9 March 2021.

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Measurements: The instructions use the UK metric system of measurement in CM. There is a conversion guide at the beginning advising on measurements in inches for imperial measurements in inches.

Feature Width Approx: 10.3cm / 4 inches.

Feature Height Approx: 8.4cm / 3.3 inches.

Total Height Approx: 20.5cm / 8 inches.

Level: This tutorial is suitable for improver wire work students.

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Number of Pages: 72.

Number of Photographs: 185.

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Materials Needed: Variety of gauges of dead soft raw copper wire, variety of white/clear beads, metal flex wire, crimp beads.

Tools Needed: Nylon jaw pliers, round nose pliers, chain nose pliers, wire cutters, crimp pliers, metal file, mandrel, stainless steel bench block, domed steel jewellers hammer, nylon hammer/hide mallet, metal hole punch, glass/ceramic container, rubber tipped tweezers, rubber gloves, safety goggles, sponge brush, wire wool, jewellers polishing cloth, measuring tape, sandpaper, liver of sulphur solution, liquid varnish/hard wax. Optional bench peg and rotary tool with abrasive puff wheel.

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