Riverside Butterfly Suncatcher WIPS

Riverside Butterfly Suncatcher

Riverside Butterfly Suncatcher WIPS

Sharing with you my latest wire-wrapping project, this artisan window decoration featuring a riverside butterfly with beautiful curves set inside a square frame. Hand-made with oxidised copper, agate, quartz, carnelian and crystal chip beads.  I love bringing nature to life through my wire art, and this one was no exception. I love the playfulness with the curvy forms inspired by water ripples, balanced with the frame and the 'dancing' butterfly. My designs are often not planned and just evolve organically as I start to make.

View over my work in progress photographs from my craft studio below to give an insight into my design process.  To view over a variety of other artisan copper wire-work jewellery and craft projects click here, and for my range of downloadable craft tutorials visit this page.

Riverside Butterfly Suncatcher WIP

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