Twinkling Rain Cloud

My rain cloud hanging decoration in the making! See how the rain droplets dangle gently with movement and sparkle in the sunshine. I do love playing with light in my suncatcher designs. With the construction complete, the raw copper metal is now ready for a dark patina and a good polish.

Rain Cloud Hanging Decoration

Posted by Earth Balance Craft on Friday, November 11, 2016

Click the images below to find out more about each rain cloud product. There are three rain cloud suncatchers available; titanium and glass beads, oxidised copper and glass beads and oxidised copper and blue lace agate gemstones beads. The rain cloud design is also available as a wire work tutorial and a craft kit both with and without tools.

View a  collection of my work in progress photographs, behind the scenes in the Earth Balance Craft studio, and a sneak peek at the design process of making copper wire-work and sheet metal crafts.  For other rain and cloud designs click these links to view them in the web-store.