Feathery Delights

Celebrating our magical feathered friends…

I have great fondness for garden and woodland birds, and have brought to life their beautiful feathers with copper wire art and semi-precious gemstones.  My first three designs feature the magical magpie, the majestic brown owl and the colourful green woodpecker. These birds are all familiar sights across Great Britain and three of my favourites!  I have also added the beautiful white swan to my growing feather collection.

They are available as single hanging decorations, whether to cheer up your walls, hang in the window or garden, at approximately 8 inches tall they make for a bold statement piece.  In ancient folk lore, each bird has mystical associations which are noted in the product descriptions.  Each feather has a magical quality distinctive to the species.

And finally, all three feathers have been combined into one rather grand hanging mobile. The top bar is a piece of fallen wood that has been stripped of its’ bark, sanded and waxed for a natural feel. With swivel barrels that allow each feather to rotate fully around 360 degrees with gentle movement, this piece would make a stunning addition to your home.  My hanging mobile’s prefer to spend their time indoors due to the delicate nature of the hanging droplets.

And finally the latest feathery creation outlines the beautiful contours of the peacock bird….


Along side my collection of feather inspired decorations, I also celebrate all things feathery with my range of British garden and woodland birds

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