When Feathers Appear

For those of you who are familiar with my artwork, you will know my love of birds and feathers. As the famous saying goes "When feathers appear loved ones are near".  Feathers, especially the little white fluffy ones are seen as a sign of angels and spirits. When you come across them in an unusual place or they pass you by as they float down from the sky, many see this as a sign of love sent from those who have passed away, a sign of communication from the spiritual realm or heaven. Feathers also are seen as representing freedom, peace, protection and transcendence.

I handcraft a variety of  feathery and bird designs using copper wire work and gemstone, which celebrate my love and bond with birds. I also have a collection of memorial and in sympathy gifts, in remembrance of lost loved ones. My designs are created to be heirloom pieces, that are made with equal measure of love and quality. Designs that will last for years to come and will become precious mementos within your family.